How to increase sales using social media


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Social media is one of the top five marketing channels to increase business alongside SEO, content marketing, email marketing, and PPC. The biggest problem is that it is difficult, it is very time consuming, and it is inconsistent.

In this article, you will discover ways to increase your social media sales efficiently and effectively to drive revenue. Keep reading to learn more.

Knowing How to Increase Sales

Using social media for sales is not a great idea because social media and sales do not go together very well. It is in the interest of social media platforms to discourage people from selling through social media because they have their own advertising that they would like to sell.

It is true that social media drives sales, but you have to use it as a promotional tool and try to keep your overt selling features off the social media platforms. Using social media for brand building is great but trying to direct sales is difficult because the social media platforms are working against you.

Good Content Is Part Of The Battle

Ted Turner said you should work hard and then advertise. Such a message applies when you are posting on different social media platforms.

A good content marketing strategy is key, but it is heartbreaking when you create good-quality content and nobody sees it. Create something that you know is fantastic, and then go about learning how to promote and push it before you move on to your next piece of fantastic content.

Do not skimp on content, or lower your quality standards, but once you create something good, do whatever it takes to get it in front of as many eyeballs as you can.

Draw People In First

Remember you are trying to attract a target audience, so try to draw them in with answers to the questions they pose on Google. For example, if you wish to sell video games, then offer the solution to puzzles on video games via social media and then direct people towards your marketing message somewhere in the post.

Draw people in with something else and then hook them for a sale.

Do Not Burn Through Hours of Staff Time

Social media is a time vampire that can burn through hours of your staff time and leave you with nothing in return. Oh sure, you may have several hundred likes, but it hasn’t converted into sales, and that is where you need to learn how to increase sales.

Be mercenary and clinical about the amount of time you invest in social media and not about the content you produce. Being clinical about your content means posting advertisement after advertisement, which is usually a mistake. Being clinical about your time means you set session goals, you achieve those goals, and you get off social media before it draws you in and chews up all your productive time.

Final Thoughts

Let a digital agency handle your social media promotions. We are able to spend our time in the most highly efficient and productive manner because we have the staff and the tools to do so. Let the experts handle the trickier parts because we know how to increase sales on social media.

Date: June 26, 2019

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