In today’s business landscape, data analytics has become an integral part of success, given the ever-growing volumes of data. At August Infotech, we specialize in data analytics consulting services and solutions, empowering businesses to derive actionable insights for enhanced decision-making.

Our team of data analytics experts excels in identifying patterns, analyzing trends, developing business intelligence dashboards, creating data visualizations and reports, conducting statistical analysis, and more. We harness the latest technologies to provide you with a competitive edge.

Data analytics services provided by August Infotech

We offer a wide array of custom-tailored data analytics services to address each client’s specific needs, ensuring personalized and impactful solutions. Our deep industry knowledge enables us to deliver customized data analytics solutions with optimal results.

Data analytics consulting services

Our consultancy team collaborates closely with clients to grasp their business objectives and hurdles. August Infotech empowers you to make well-informed choices by blending statistical insights, machine learning techniques, and data visualization.

data analytics consulting services

Data visualization & reporting

We understand the power of visual aids in making complex data understandable and accessible. Leveraging top-tier tools like Tableau and Power BI, our experts build interactive dashboards that summarize key performance indicators (KPIs) neatly. We also specialize in creating custom dashboards using React.JS and Python.

data visualization & reporting

Statistical analysis

Accurate statistical analysis to discern patterns or forecast future trends from past data demands deep expertise. Our team is skilled in using advanced tools such as Pandas and NumPy, ensuring precise outcomes and steering clear of common errors.

statistical analysis


We employ state-of-the-art technology tailored to efficiently process large datasets, including Apache Airflow, Matplotlib, and Tableau. We’re also flexible in adopting preferred technologies that align with your tech framework.

Why choose us?

August Infotech is a reliable offshore development company that offers unparalleled data analytics services. Our dedicated team of software development service experts is committed to delivering tailor-made, high-quality solutions that cater to the individual requirements of our clients.

Case study

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The Challenge

Unlocking Insights from Unstructured Data: A Data Analytics Story

The task was to transform disorganized and intricate Performance Management Review System data into a source of meaningful data-driven information. This challenge prompted a strategic shift towards impactful visual representation, aiming to shape a compelling and structured format. This case study delves into how our team of data analytics experts approached and successfully addressed this formidable challenge, outlining our efforts’ impactful results and lasting conclusions as a leading provider of data analytics consulting services & solutions.

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The Solution

Crafting Insights through Comprehensive Analysis

Our approach commenced with a comprehensive analysis of unstructured data, identifying key elements crucial for impactful dashboard representation. Meticulously crafted user stories provided a clear roadmap for each dashboard component, integrating Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) and compelling visualization. This strategic fusion amplified the human touch in our analysis and significantly contributed to business impact, enabling us to derive meaningful insights from initially unstructured data.

Our dedicated development team chose Power BI to deliver a visually impactful and performance-rich report, leveraging neumorphism design principles to prioritize a visually appealing user interface. We navigated challenges such as data quality issues with adaptability and problem-solving skills, and client collaboration played a central role with **iterative process** feedback loops for continuous improvement.
Key performance metrics, including improvements in data processing time and report loading speed, underscored the tangible impact of our data analytics solutions. Knowledge transfer sessions and training for the client’s team ensured they could utilize and maintain the Power BI reports independently, facilitated by our offshore software development services. Scalability remained a focus, keeping the solution modular for ease of management and facilitating consistent, cumulative updates.

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The Result

Empowering Organizations Through Insightful Analytics

ACS’s solution proved transformative, propelling the client from the challenge of unstructured data to a strategic advantage. The client can now see the entire team’s performance with detailed KPIs, ranking, certifications, and measuring goals from the intuitive dashboard. Adopting impactful visual representation and integrating performance reviews enabled strategic decision-making and promoted a culture of performance-driven growth. Complemented by neumorphism design principles, Power BI implementation enhanced operational efficiency and empowered users with a visually appealing and user-friendly interface.
Continuous improvement and client collaboration resulted in a flexible, modular solution, meeting immediate needs and positioning the client for future scalability. The solution’s strategic agility and integration of financial criteria underscored its comprehensive impact. ACS’s contribution extends beyond the initial challenge, creating a sustainable and empowered data l
andscape for ongoing success.

Conclusion: Transformative Outcomes for Ongoing Success In conclusion, ACS’s approach went beyond mere data representation, overcoming challenges, incorporating client feedback, and achieving performance improvements. The solution showcased ACS’s commitment to transformative outcomes, from streamlining operations to empowering decision-makers. The positive impact on organizational changes aligns with overarching business goals, forging a lasting partnership dedicated to unlocking the true potential of data analytics for ongoing success.


The team has provided excellent advice and solutions to our complicated business use cases. Their expertise in React and Python helps us to customize our data visualization needs plus some automated tasks. The project was well managed and management very often asked for proactive feedback. Definitely would love to work with them again!

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