Our approach

Our consultative approach to custom web development ensures we understand your business needs and deliver tailored solutions using advanced technology tools. Utilizing August Infotech’s top-rated white-label web development services, you can offer top-tier customized solutions under your brand without the hassle of setting up an in-house team.

As a leading offshore development company, our years of experience and expertise make us the perfect partner for all your custom CMS, data science, AI & ML needs. Every business is unique, so we take a consultative approach to providing customized solutions that meet our client’s specific requirements.

Partnering with us also allows you access to our team of software development service experts. Our team stays up-to-date on the latest technologies and is dedicated to delivering high-quality services within tight deadlines.

Services we offer

At August Infotech, we offer a wide range of white-label web development services that can be customized to fit your specific business needs. We aim to help businesses like yours grow by providing reliable and efficient solutions catering directly to your client’s requirements.

Custom CMS solutions

Using cutting-edge technologies like Drupal, WordPress, PHP, Python, Node.js, AngularJS, and React.JS frameworks, we develop highly functional and user-friendly custom CMS solutions tailored to your company’s unique requirements. Our solutions offer unparalleled flexibility in managing website content, enabling businesses to adapt quickly to market changes and customer needs. With our custom CMS, you can easily update content, manage your site’s structure, and integrate new features, ensuring your website remains at the forefront of digital innovation.

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Data science solutions & insights

Our experienced team combines advanced analytics techniques with modern technology tools such as the Python programming language and Machine Learning algorithms to provide actionable insights into complex data sets. We specialize in turning data into valuable insights for industries like Fintech and Healthcare, empowering businesses to make well-informed decisions. Our data science solutions & insights services are designed to unlock the potential of your data, enhancing operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and competitive advantage.

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AI & ML development

Partner with us for end-to-end AI & ML services tailored to your client’s needs. We’ve covered it, from chatbots integrated into websites or apps to robust analytics systems using computer vision algorithms. Our AI & ML solutions are designed to automate processes, enhance customer experiences, and provide deep insights into your business operations. Whether you’re looking to innovate your services, improve decision-making, or drive efficiencies, our expert team can help you harness the power of AI and ML to achieve your objectives.

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Offshore developers

Say goodbye to costly recruitment processes and save time with our highly skilled offshore developers. Our dedicated team model allows you to choose from a pool of experienced professionals based on your project requirements, ensuring you have the right expertise at your fingertips. Whether you need additional support for a specific project or want to expand your development capabilities, our offshore developers offer a flexible and cost-effective solution. With our team, you can accelerate project timelines, reduce development costs, and achieve superior quality outcomes.


Why choose us?

As a top-rated white-label development agency, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality services within tight deadlines. When you partner with us, you hire a dedicated team whose sole purpose is to give your clients the best web development possible.

We also follow an agile development approach, which means regular communication and updates throughout the development process so you can stay involved in the project every step of the way.


At August Infotech, we embrace new technologies and constantly update our skills to deliver innovative solutions for our clients. Our technologies include PHP, Python, Node.js, AngularJS & React.JS frameworks for front-end development; Amazon Web Services (AWS) for cloud computing; and R programming language for data analysis.

August Infotech’s case study: white-label web services for a one-person agency

In web development, our partner agency started as a two-person operation specializing in WordPress. However, as their client base grew and their services expanded, they recognized the need for additional expertise in web application development.

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The Challenge

Our partner agency was navigating a period of rapid growth and realized that solely depending on WordPress was limiting. They aspired to expand their services to include web applications to serve their clients better. This ambition brought a significant challenge: they needed more expertise and resources across different technologies for such a transition.

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The Solution

To address their needs, we proposed a multifaceted approach. Utilizing our extensive technical knowledge and experience in web application development, we collaborate with the client. Our role extended beyond mere collaboration; we managed the projects on the client’s behalf and even met with the end clients as part of the client’s team. This comprehensive support ensured a smooth transition for the client from being a WordPress to a multi-technology agency with effective project delivery.

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The Result

The partnership led to substantial growth and success for the agency. With our support in transitioning into web applications, they could take on more projects and diversify the services offered to their clients. This significant expansion led to collaborations with major FMCG companies and the development of customer loyalty programs. The agency experienced remarkable growth, with an 85% increase in the first year, 135% in the second, and 165% in the third year. Their commitment to quality and expanded offerings also resulted in 100% client retention.


The custom web solution provided by the team exceeded our expectations. It has significantly expanded our business operations.

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Agency client

Running an agency is hard enough, so you should hire a dedicated team for your clients’ web development. It’s a time-consuming process, but it is almost necessary when working on scaling an agency. Expand your services by using August Infotech’s white-label web development services.