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Data is the new currency, and at August Infotech, we help businesses make sense of their data to drive growth and success. As an offshore web development company, August Infotech is proud to be recognized as a top WordPress and Drupal website development company, offering comprehensive data science solutions and insights services to help businesses unlock valuable insights from their data.

Our team of dedicated development experts leverages advanced tools and techniques to provide custom web development solutions. Our solutions include AI and ML consulting services and an MVP consultation for startups leveraging the latest technologies.

Services we offer

Being an MVP development company, we are proud to offer a suite of comprehensive Data Science Solutions & Insights Services that cater to every facet of the data journey. Our services encompass the following:

Data scraping and cleaning

We initiate by identifying key tasks for scraping, acquiring data through sophisticated web scraping, and extracting it from diverse sources. We manage incomplete data, standardize formats, eliminate duplicates, and tackle outliers for pristine data quality.

data scraping and cleaning

Data Engineering

Our approach involves crafting efficient data architectures, designing robust databases, and ensuring smooth data integration and transformation. We handle data splitting, scaling, and normalization and construct reliable data pipelines while optimizing performance.

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Data warehousing

We focus on the design and implementation of scalable data warehouses, ensuring efficient data indexing and partitioning, maintaining consistency and integrity, managing smart data storage and retrieval, and enforcing rigorous security measures.

data warehousing

Data analytics

We engage in pattern recognition and trend analysis, offer business intelligence solutions, develop insightful dashboards, and provide comprehensive data visualization and reporting, all supported by thorough statistical analysis.

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Data science

Our data science services encapsulate the full life cycle, from problem understanding and data collection to in-depth analysis. We’re adept at cleaning, preprocessing, and conducting exploratory data analysis (EDA). Skills in feature engineering, model training, selection, and tuning are at our core, capped with thorough model validation and insightful interpretation.

Data science solutions & insights services


A solid technological foundation is key to delivering effective Data Science Solutions & Insights Services. We have curated a tech stack that ensures our data and analytics services are cutting-edge, reliable, and scalable. Here’s an overview of the technologies we deploy under different categories:

Data science solutions for kempstar

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The Challenge

Kempstar, a software development leader, required advanced data science expertise to tackle the growing need for insightful data analytics among their clients. Seeking a solution that wouldn’t stretch their internal resources thin, Kempstar partnered with August Infotech, searching for a streamlined, cost-effective strategy.

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The Solution

We provided a specially tailored Data Science Solutions & Insights Services package boosted by a dedicated development team. This team was not just any group of offshore developers but a meticulously curated group of expertise-laden professionals, including data scientists, a project manager, and a tech lead.
Embracing Kempstar’s project requirements, August Infotech implemented a disciplined, agile workflow featuring regular scrum sessions and strategic monthly meetings to align progress and objectives. Through this dedicated development team approach, August Infotech delivered a breadth of services—from AI and ML consulting to data analytics services & solutions—all at an impressive cost saving of 60% compared to in-house expansion.

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The Result

The partnership was a resounding success: Kempstar could now leverage sophisticated data analytics consulting services & solutions and onboard AI and ML insights for their clients. The collaboration with August Infotech resulted in substantial cost savings and significantly amplified their service offering, thus bolstering their market position.
Our involvement transformed Kempstar’s data processing and analysis prowess—a prime example of how dedicated offshore talent can provide cutting-edge data science solutions and drive business growth.

Maximize your business growth with our data science solutions & insights services – unleash the power of data today!