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We know our employees are our biggest asset, which is why our mission embeds them carefully, which is why we have embraced the permanent Work From Home culture, and which is why, to foster work-life balance, we give twenty-three holidays yearly.

What kind of company should you join?

People prefer to join mission-driven companies with an inclusive and positive company culture, provide knowledge development, work flexibility, have a social cause and have strong leadership and management.

Why join August Infotech?

Here are a few reasons why you should join us.
We are a mission-driven company.
We aim to become a certified company with all certified developers by December 2024.
You get the advantage of our mandatory training and upskilling opportunities.
Permanent Work From Home facility.
Our generous leave policy gives you time to recharge and focus on what matters most.
Enjoy a healthy work-life balance with our five-day workweek.
We aim to create a brighter, more innovative future for everyone involved, and we want you to be part of that journey.
We are committed to our social cause, Pawject, and you can join us in our mission to make this world a better place for the stay dogs.
We have created a workplace where everyone feels valued and heard.

Last but not least, you’ll have the opportunity to work on exciting projects in data science, helping clients make informed decisions, building websites for some of the world’s largest private equity firms, contributing to NGO projects, and building MVPs for start-ups.

Don’t just take our word for it – read testimonials from our employees to learn more about their experiences with us.

Starting my journey at August Infotech as an Intermediate WordPress developer, I’ve grown remarkably to become a Senior Full Stack Developer, thanks to the up-skilling, support, and opportunities here.

I’ve broadened my skills, delving into React.js and Python to stay ahead in the tech world. The company has been instrumental in my professional growth, transforming me from a specialized WordPress developer to a versatile expert. The mentors, colleagues, and inspiring work environment have nurtured my passion.

I’m thankful for this rewarding journey and excited about the promising future. August Infotech has truly helped shape my career and dreams.

Divya John
Divya John

Our culture

Our vision of being world-class in whatever we do and our mission of being a certified company with certified developers drive our culture.

world-class vision | August Infotech culture

World-Class Vision

We strive to be a certified company with certified developers, driven by a vision of being world-class in everything we do.

open-mindness | August Infotech culture


We respect everyone’s ideas and inputs, encouraging teamwork and diverse perspectives.

aligned-goal | August Infotech culture

Aligned Goals

Our individual goals align with the company’s vision, ensuring we all work towards the same objectives.

transparency-growth | August Infotech culture

Transparency and Growth

Monthly performance reviews and feedback sessions maintain transparency and promote growth, creating a positive, motivating work environment.

communication icon

Communication and Trust

Communication is our backbone – we listen, share ideas, and trust each other, fostering a culture of continuous learning and development.

customer-centric | August Infotech culture

Customer-Centric Approach

Our customers are at the core of our actions. We prioritize their needs and commit to their absolute satisfaction.

continuous-learning | August Infotech culture

Continuous Learning

Our commitment to constant learning requires upskilling every six months. All our team members appreciate this approach and see it as a catalyst for professional growth.

living-values | August Infotech culture

Living Our Values

We don’t just discuss our values; we live by them daily. This commitment creates a successful workspace and a delightful place to be.

What I have enjoyed most is the monthly performance review and feedback mechanism. It helps align my aspirations with company goals. Secondly, a positive work culture ensures that everyone feels appreciated and motivated to do their best.

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Kaushal Gajjar

August Infotech has been instrumental in my web development career since 2016. The nurturing work environment, talented colleagues, challenging projects, and exceptional mentors have shaped my career. I look forward to further growth and new challenges at August Infotech.

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Swetal Mehta

My journey at August Infotech, from a WordPress developer to a Drupal Team Lead, has been fueled by continuous learning and innovation. Today, I’m proud to lead a team, ready for new challenges, and committed to delivering exceptional client solutions.

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Heena Mehta

Professional development

As a Senior Python Engineer at AugustInfotech, I have an enriching journey here. I came in with proficiency in Python and have since expanded my skills to include data scrapping, AWS, and database management.

Now, I handle complex data for the Energy and Natural Resources sector, transforming it into user-friendly formats. These new skills have led me to career advancements, leadership opportunities, and mentoring roles.

My advice to potential candidates is to embrace challenges and continuous learning. The company supports its employees’ career goals through skill development, mentorship, and a culture that values innovation and professional growth.

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Vikas Sahu

Starting as a trainee at August Infotech, I’ve climbed up to a Senior Front End Developer role, honing my skills in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and JQuery on high-profile projects.

The culture of learning and support from peers and seniors, who’ve even stayed overnight to assist me, has been instrumental in my career growth.

I’m now working on React.JS, eyeing a team leadership role next. At August Infotech, success is about embracing change, continuous learning, adapting to new technologies, and a hunger for knowledge. It’s a place to shape your career with patience and honesty.

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Rushali Savaliya

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