At August Infotech, being at the forefront of software development services experts is central to our dedication to pushing the boundaries of innovation and excellence in every project we tackle. We offer a comprehensive suite of services, from custom web development to advanced data analytics, all aimed at turning your ideas into concrete, workable results.

What sets us apart?

Our dedication to delivering superior, forward-thinking solutions makes August Infotech stand out. With a seasoned software development services expert boasting over a decade of experience crafting state-of-the-art products for startups and established corporations, our enthusiasm for technology drives us to foster enduring relationships with our clients.

Our approach to development

Leveraging agile and hybrid agile frameworks, we focus on creating scalable solutions through iterative development, ensuring quick value delivery.

Commitment to technological advancement

We constantly update our knowledge of the latest technological trends, applying this expertise to develop solutions that are prepared for the future.

Understanding of the startup ecosystem

Our experience with over 100 startups has equipped us with a unique perspective on the startup culture, enabling us to adapt rapidly to changing needs.

A promise of transparency

We prioritize informing you throughout the development journey, ensuring a transparent and open process.

Software development as a service

From building robust and scalable websites to developing advanced Python applications and harnessing the power of data through analytics, our services are tailored to propel your business forward. Experience excellence with our unique blend of expertise and innovation.

We have significant expertise in building and customizing popular CMS platforms to create feature-rich websites.

We build secure, high-performance websites using WordPress as the core CMS. Services include theme development, plugin customization, eCommerce store setup, and more.

WordPress web development

With our Drupal experts we have an expert Drupal team that can build complex websites and web apps with Drupal’s robust features. This includes custom module development, third-party integration, migrations, and headless CMS services. Businesses leveraging Drupal’s capabilities can hire dedicated Drupal developers from our team.

drupal website development

We specialize in quickly building cloud-native Minimum Viable Products (MVP) for startups and Enterprises to validate their ideas with users. Our offerings include web MVP, mobile MVP, and MVP roadmapping. As a leading MVP development services provider, we enable startups to quickly move from concept to product launch with our dedicated team for MVP development. Startups considering MVP consulting company partnerships will find our approach efficient and effective.

mvp development

We enable enterprises to become insights-driven by unlocking intelligence hidden in their data. Our Data analytics consulting services & solutions encompass the full spectrum of data and analytics. Our services include:

Our data scientists can help you solve critical business problems by developing Python solutions for predictive analytics, forecasting, recommendations, and more using advanced data analytics.

Data science solutions & insights services

We offer end-to-end data analytics to help you extract, transform, model, visualize, and drive actionable intelligence from data using modern big data and BI tools.

data science services & solutions

We build production-ready artificial intelligence systems using proven frameworks like TensorFlow, PyTorch, OpenCV, etc. Services cover computer vision, NLP, predictive modeling, recommendations, and conversational AI.

Need a complex custom web product that’s scalable? Our full-stack software development experts specialize in building secure, high-performance web apps using React, Angular, Node.js, PHP, Python, etc. Organizations looking for custom Python web solutions or custom Django web development services will appreciate our deep technical expertise in these areas.

You can hire from our talent pool of vetted web, mobile, and data science experts in an on-demand or full-time capacity to scale your team cost-effectively. Whether you’re looking to hire dedicated web developer professionals or a dedicated team for your project, the August Infotech engagement model is tailored to meet your specific needs.

hire dedicated team

Grow your digital agency by white labeling our web and mobile app development expertise and technical talent under your brand. Our white-label web development services enable you to take all the credit for delighting your clients!

With software development as a service at the core of our offerings, August Infotech’s delivery model is designed to meet the diverse requirements of our clients. Whether you’re seeking software outsourcing services, white-label website development, or hiring dedicated web development teams, we aim to ensure your success at every step of the journey.

white label web development

Delivery model

Agile Development Methodology

As a highly professional organization employing the Location Independent Agile™ methodology to collaborate with clients worldwide, we deliver exceptional software solutions. With our expertise, we seamlessly collaborate with clients worldwide to tackle complex requirements and meet challenging deadlines. Our team prioritizes client satisfaction above all and guarantees unmatched results.

The methodology employed for the project entails dividing it into sprints that are punctuated by frequent client feedback. This approach allows for the project team to remain adaptable to evolving requirements and shifting priorities, ensuring that the final deliverable meets the client’s expectations.

requirement icon
  • Discovery Meetings
  • Project Specification Document
Requirement Gathering
planning and analysis
  • Wire-frame Designs
  • User Story Document
  • ER Diagram/Schema Design
  • Architecture Design
Planning and Analysis
layout design
  • Brainstorming
  • Collect Information
  • Creation
  • Presentation
Layout Design
ui development
UI Development
icon developement icon
dev process cycle
Sprint Planning
Code Implementation
Git Workflow
Code Review
Client Review
Sprint Retrospective
quality analysis
Quality Analysis
cyber security analysis
Cyber Sequrity Analysis
go live icon
Go Live
client acceptance and sign-off icon
Client Acceptance and Sign-off
web maintenance icon

Engagement models

We place a high value on establishing a strong connection with our clients. We make it a point to comprehend their unique requirements and create customized solutions that are tailored to their specific needs. Our aim is not merely to offer a service, but to develop a lasting relationship built on trust, respect, and mutual understanding.

Fixed price project

We place a high value on establishing a strong connection with our clients. We make it a point to comprehend their unique requirements and create customized solutions that are tailored to their specific needs. Our aim is not merely to offer a service, but to develop a lasting relationship built on trust, respect, and mutual understanding.

mobile delivery

Time and material

This model offers flexibility and is ideal for projects with evolving requirements or uncertain scope.

  • Hourly or daily rates for resources allocated to the project.
  • Detailed time tracking and reporting.
  • Suitable for projects with changing requirements, allowing clients to add or modify features.
  • Payments based on actual time and effort spent on the project.
mobile delivery

Dedicated team

This model provides clients with a dedicated team of web development professionals for ongoing or large-scale projects.

  • A dedicated team of developers, designers, and project managers exclusively assigned to the client’s project.
  • Flexibility to scale the team up or down based on project requirements.
  • Collaboration and direct communication with the client throughout the project.
  • Transparent monthly billing based on the allocated team size.
mobile delivery

Retainer agreement

This model offers flexibility and is ideal for projects with evolving requirements or uncertain scope.

  • Regular website maintenance, updates, and bug fixes.
  • Priority support for immediate issue resolution.
  • Proactive monitoring and security updates.
  • Monthly retainer fee based on the level of support required.
mobile delivery

Consultation services

This model provides expert advice and guidance to clients seeking web development insights.

  • In-depth analysis of client requirements and goals.
  • Recommendations on technology stack, architecture, and best practices.
  • Assistance with project planning, feasibility studies, and cost estimation.
  • Hourly or fixed-rate pricing based on the scope of consultation.
mobile delivery

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