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Jitesh Kapadia

Jitesh Kapadia

Our focus has defined our journey over all these years: creating exceptional experiences for everyone around us.

Every strategy we adopt, and decision we make regarding our services revolves around a simple question: How can we better serve our clients?

Equally important is our dedication to nurturing our team’s potential. We know the importance of collaboration, continuous learning, and innovation for an empowered and motivated team to deliver excellence.

As we enter the new era of technology, we stay committed to exceptional services and solutions in Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science in the coming years.

Why choose us?

August Infotech was founded by a passionate team of experts with over two decades of experience in web development. Our founders come from different educational backgrounds and work experience to form a formidable team. Our clients include numerous web agencies and corporate clients from the USA, Canada, UK, EU, Middle East, and India.

We are dedicated to helping businesses thrive in the ever-evolving technology landscape by building websites that generate more traffic, web applications that streamline their processes, creating Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) and helping make better decisions via data analysis services.

When you choose August Infotech for your technology needs, you’re not just hiring a service provider—you’re partnering an expert team committed to your success. Our team works closely with you to understand your unique needs and deliver a solution tailored to your business.

We believe in clear communication, transparency, and exceeding client expectations. Your vision drives our work, and your success measures our success.


A company profile is a formal introduction of your business. It informs others about the company’s products and services. It’s an effective way to introduce your company to your customers, creditors and other stakeholders.

We take immense pride in introducing one of our clients from the UK. Their feedback resonates deeply with the essence of our mission.

We genuinely appreciate the opportunity they have given to us. Our client’s trust fuels our commitment to excellence.

​We are thrilled to have enhanced their online presence, which helped boost their sales, marking another successful milestone in our journey.

Client testimonial
Client from UK

Brands we have worked with

From humble beginnings with local brands, our dedication and expertise have earned us the trust of top brands, enabling us to deliver solutions that cater to their business requirements.

How we do it

We believe in accountability, freedom, happiness, and respect for all our team members. With a clear vision and mission in mind and core values guiding us, we have built a culture that fosters creativity, innovation, and quality in our work.

Our processes and corporate life reflects our values. Below are a few of our policies which reflect our values:



We take full responsibility for our actions and outcomes, offering a six-month code warranty on our services.

Freedom corevalue


We value freedom, and allowing our employees to work remotely gives them the freedom and flexibility they need to produce quality work.

Hapiness corevalue


Happiness is essential, so we mandate upskilling every six months to ensure our team continues to grow and thrive.

Respect corevalue


We treat everyone with respect and strive to maintain a workplace that is diverse, inclusive, and free from discrimination.


To become world-class in everything we do.


To become a certified Drupal, Python, and AWS company with all the certified developers by December 2024.

Core Values

  1. Freedom
  2. Accountability
  3. Happiness
  4. Respect


August Infotech’s culture is built on respect, freedom, accountability, and happiness, focusing on WOWing our clients, solid teamwork, continuous up-skilling, and social responsibility.

Quality Policy

We will rest only when our unwavering commitment to quality exceeds client expectations. We offer a unique six-month code guarantee policy – because your success is our guaranteed commitment.

Our expertise

Specializing in a select range of services, our team offers unrivaled expertise and unwavering commitment to deliver exceptional quality.

Drupal website development icon

Drupal Website Development

At August Infotech, We specialize in Drupal web development, a powerful platform renowned for flexibility and robustness. Our skilled developers leverage Drupal’s potential to create compelling, user-friendly websites that look great and drive more traffic. …

MVP development service icon

MVP Development

We understand that every big thing starts small. That’s why we assist startups and entrepreneurs in creating their Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Our MVP development services are designed to help you test the market water …

Data analytics services icon

Data Analytics

In today’s data-driven world, making informed decisions is crucial for business growth. And this is where our data analytics services come in. At August Infotech, we don’t just provide numbers; we offer insights. We leverage …

Whom we serve

At August Infotech, we serve SMEs and Startups with our tech solutions, assist Governments and NGOs in digital transformation, and aid Web Agencies and Marketing Companies with our expertise on the projects we do together.



Ignite your start-up’s growth with our innovative web design, advanced MVP development, and scalable cloud strategies tailored for rapid expansion.



Boost your business visibility with our web solutions that improve your online user experience and generate more traffic to your website and increase online sales.

Web agencies and marketing companies

Web agencies and marketing companies

Elevate your agency’s offerings with our expert web development, white-label services, and cutting-edge digital strategies designed to impress clients.

Government and NGOs

Government and NGOs

Enhance your organization’s online impact with our secure, user-friendly web solutions, accessibility compliance, and digital strategies focused on public engagement.

Meet our leadership

Jitesh Kapadia
Jitesh Kapadia
CEO and Co-founder

Armed with 20 years of industry experience, Jitesh leads August Infotech as CEO and brings a passion for data analytics and sales. Outside of website development, he’s involved in a street dog foundation.

Nidhi Patel
Nidhi Patel
Co-founder and CIO

Our tech wizard, co-founder, and idea machine. With a love for innovation and travel, she’s constantly pushing the boundaries and turning ideas into reality in the tech world and the kitchen.

Jignasa Naik
Jignasa Naik
VP of Delivery

With two decades of experience, Jignasa is our delivery ninja, ensuring everything gets to where it needs to be with a smile. Her genuine care for clients and teams makes her a valuable team member. She’s not afraid to get things done.

Jignesh Wadia
Jignesh Wadia

Jignesh, the quiet genius in the room, holds a wide range of expertise in various technologies and loves learning. His development expertise keeps our team at the forefront of innovation.

Pratik Mehta
Pratik Mehta
HR Head

Keeping our team happy and thriving, Pratik is our HR Head and the heart of August Infotech, with a Master’s in Human Resources and a commitment to nurturing a supportive work environment.

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Social commitments

Empowering communities, nurturing education, and championing animal welfare, our company is where compassion meets action. We’re committed to corporate social responsibility, transforming lives, and creating a better world one project at a time.

Welcome to the ‘August Nurture Program’

Students springboard to success. We prioritize education, offering internships, skills training, and projects. We teach leadership, life skills, and communication techniques to illuminate student’s career path.

Join us on our mission-driven journey.

We know our employees are our biggest asset, which is why our mission embeds them carefully…

Which is our CSR activity for feeding stray dogs.

At August Infotech, we believe in leveraging our resources and expertise to make a meaningful difference in our community. One

Welcome to the ‘August Book Club’

Welcome to the ‘August Book Club,’ a unique initiative envisioned by our founder. We review a mesmerizing book monthly, sparking engaging discussions in our Q&A sessions. We spotlight new reviewers from our team, offering them a platform to polish their public speaking skills while drawing inspiration from the great books

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