Empower and expand your team with our dedicated team for hire services. At August Infotech, we offer unparalleled offshore development services to elevate your tech capabilities and seamlessly blend into your operations.

Hire dedicated team services

One way companies stay ahead in technology is through staff augmentation. This strategy allows businesses to add top-notch tech professionals, like dedicated web developers, to their teams as needed.

Technologies Description
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Full Stack
Our offshore web development company has comprehensive knowledge of both front-end and back-end technologies. Our full-stack development team can help you scale your application with anything from MVP development services to custom CMS solutions.
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With a team of dedicated Python developers by your side, any application, whether AI or an MVP, is only a few weeks away.
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For custom web development, a team specializing in Node.js will lower costs and development time so you can focus on what matters instead of wrangling a development team.
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Our dedicated Drupal developers are well-versed in creating scalable, complex, and diverse websites to fit your business needs.
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As the #1 content management system, our team is always up-to-date on anything related to WordPress development. Whether you require a custom theme or custom plugins that need constant updates, our team is here to help.

What sets us apart?

At August Infotech, we distinguish ourselves with thoughtful processes and customer-focused strategies, which set us apart from others in delivering excellence.

Our Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

We go the extra mile by offering technical support to our developers, ensuring they meet their deadlines.

Monthly Meetings

We hold regular client meetings to get their feedback and make necessary service adjustments.

Code Ownership

The client owns all code our team creates, giving them complete control over their project.

Continuous Learning

We facilitate training for our team members to ensure they are up-to-date with the latest technologies and advancements per client needs.

Proactive Communication

We conduct daily scrums, daily Git push and commit, and maintain transparency to keep everyone on the same page.

Technical Support

Our ongoing technical support ensures smooth operations for our developers and teams.

Up-to-date solutions

We keep up with the latest application and web development solutions at August Infotech. We ensure that our data science solutions are updated with the latest best practices. Our data and analytics services are built with profits in mind.


We also like to keep our artificial intelligence and machine learning services up-to-date for security and efficiency. You never know when a vulnerability issue might arise. Having a team that can be there immediately when anything goes wrong can minimize the potential damage.

Engagement models

We cater to diverse client needs and budgets through various engagement models:

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Hourly Rate

    • Pay as you use without long-term commitments. It is ideal for short-term projects or tasks of uncertain duration.
    • “Variable-Scope” projects
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Fixed Price

    • A predetermined cost for the entire project. Ideal for projects with precise requirements and deadlines.
    • “Well-Defined Scope” projects
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Dedicated Team

    • Pay a monthly fee for a team dedicated to your needs. It is ideal for long-term projects requiring continuous work.
    • “Ongoing Long-term” projects

August Infotech case study: maximizing efficiency and expertise with dedicated resource services

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The Challenge

A leading commodity trading company in the USA needed an upgrade. Their in-house trading platform required advanced prediction analysis features, but the company wished to bypass the complications associated with hiring, training, and retaining new staff. In search of a dependable partner, they turned to August Infotech.

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The Solution

August Infotech answered the call with a mix of creative and technical prowess. After discussing and understanding the client’s needs, we provided a dedicated team of skilled developers for the project. In collaboration with the client’s technical head, this team developed a top-notch data science application and devised a system to store converted data efficiently. They didn’t stop there; they built an API allowing easy data retrieval in JSON format. However, the commitment continued after development; the team maintained and updated the software, ensuring its relevance and effectiveness.

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The Result

Working with August Infotech brought about impressive benefits. The client uncovered new opportunities, significantly reduced hiring costs, and enjoyed increased output. The enhanced ability to track, measure, and record various metrics improved company decision-making. Trend analysis became a vital part of their strategic toolkit. With the dedicated team’s continued support, keeping the application updated and evolving became seamless. Furthermore, the client appreciated the efficiency and cost savings of having a consistent team on hand for future updates and features, avoiding the need and expense of recruiting new teams for each new project.


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    Adam Clark
  • Project Name: Lead Generation Services
  • Suggestions/Comments: August Infotech has been an indispensable partner in our journey, bringing knowledge, insightful suggestions, and proactive solutions to every project. For over a decade, we have collaborated on various projects for our series of lead-generation websites. Their team’s expertise is not just helpful; it’s transformative. Each interaction with August Infotech leaves us more equipped and inspired for our next endeavor. August Infotech is the go-to choice for anyone seeking a team that truly elevates your project. Their commitment to excellence is evident in every task they undertake, making them an ideal partner for your next project.

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