MVP development services: The August Infotech approach

Having been in the industry for many years, we like to act as an MVP consulting company for clients initially. We do this to understand their vision and guide them step by step through the development process.

We work closely with our clients to understand their target market, define the project scope, design and build the MVP, test it, and launch it. Afterward, we will continue updating and maintaining the products as bugs arise and new features rollout. This approach ensures that our MVPs are technically sound and meet the end users’ needs.

Our work spans multiple industries, including high-security ones such as fintech and healthcare. Our expertise in advanced technologies like Python, AWS, Machine Learning, Node.JS, and React.JS enables us to create robust, scalable, and high-performing MVPs for our clients within a reasonable time.

Services we offer

At August Infotech, we offer many MVP development services to help startups and established businesses launch their products quickly and efficiently. Our services include MVP ideation, research, design, development, testing, and launch. We also provide ongoing support and product updates to ensure the success and growth of your product.

MVP web development

We love to do MVP development for web platforms. With our strong development skills and knowledge of modern web apps, we create highly functional and visually appealing MVP websites. We quickly get apps to a test market so users can provide valuable feedback, which we implement before the official product launch. Our minimum viable product development process is precisely what you need to get your web app to market. From ideation to launch, we’re with you at every step, ensuring that your MVP meets and exceeds user expectations. Our process involves continuous iteration and validation.

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Startup MVP development

Our MVP development services are tailored for startups, helping them to bring their product ideas to life within a limited budget and timeline. Our agile development approach and expertise in MVP consultation allow us to deliver quality products quickly and efficiently, giving startups a competitive edge. The tech startup scene is highly competitive, and having a large tech stack, like ours, is needed for success. We understand startups’ unique challenges and offer strategic insights beyond development. From idea to scaling to compliances, our team provides comprehensive support.

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MVP app development

We specialize in developing MVPs for mobile apps, using the latest technologies to create scalable, fast, and user-friendly apps. Never doubt the strength of utilizing an MVP in app development. Being the first company to deliver to the app store is critical to achieving massive success. Our software development service experts are fluent in backend, frontend, cloud computing, and database management. Combining this with our consultative approach, we ensure that your MVP app is market-ready and has a strong foundation for your future growth. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond coding.

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At August Infotech, we leverage advanced technologies like Node.js, Python, AWS, AI/Machine Learning, Figma, React, Django, and React.JS to develop innovative and high-performing MVPs for our clients. We continuously update our tools and techniques to maintain security and utilize modern tools.

We believe in a collaborative and consultative approach to developing MVPs. We listen to your idea, get all the details, and create a plan to get your MVP to market. Once everything is to your standards, we rapidly develop a product using advanced, modern languages. We even provide post-launch support for up to 6 months.

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Our healthcare MVP success story

One of our most notable accomplishments is a healthcare project in which a hospital utilized our MVP consultation services to solve many staff complaints. Hiring an offshore development company was new to them, but the final product pleased them with their choice.

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The Challenges

Our healthcare client struggled with cumbersome manual procedures, which needed to be more manageable. They manually recorded physical folders for document storage, staff shifts and hours, and keeping track of staff communication was a continual hassle. As a result, staff shifts were often overbooked or underbooked, leading to operational inefficiencies. Recognizing the need for a transformative solution, they sought out an experienced MVP development company to create a streamlined digital system. If it becomes successful, they want to launch it as a SaaS product.

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Our Solution

As a seasoned MVP development company, we approached the problem with a comprehensive strategy to bring their operations into the digital age. We began by digitizing their documents, eliminating the need for cumbersome physical folders and reducing potential loss or damage. Next, we automated their shift scheduling, significantly reducing overbookings and underbookings by providing a clear, real-time view of staff allocations. A staff communication tool and a chatbot were implemented to facilitate more straightforward, more effective communication between team members. We added a staff verification feature to enhance security, ensuring only authorized personnel could access sensitive information. Lastly, a time-tracking feature was enabled to counteract time theft, ensuring that staff hours were recorded accurately and transparently.

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The Result

The transformation was remarkable. The final product delivered by our team as an MVP in software development exceeded the client’s expectations and performed exceptionally well within their industry. Communication within the department saw a drastic improvement, becoming more streamlined and efficient, significantly reducing human errors. The client was delighted with the outcome, praising the effectiveness and adaptability of the MVP in addressing their specific operational challenges. Their satisfaction underscored our reputation as a leading MVP development company dedicated to delivering solutions that make a real difference. The client rehired us to convert the MVP into a full-fledged product and to convert the product to a SaaS offering for the healthcare industry.


We have worked with August Infotech for many years now. They are diligent, timely, and experts in the field. This partnership will remain as a long-term.

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