August nurture program: Our internship program

Welcome to the ‘August Nurture Program.’ Our internship program, where we prioritize nurturing students on education and practical experience, offers a comprehensive six-month internship program to university students looking to get started in the industry.

The structure of the program

Our program is divided into two parts, each designed to provide a solid foundation and hands-on experience.

The first three months are dedicated to theoretical learning. During this training, you will learn the details of web development and design and understand the principles and best practices that guide our work.

The next three months are all about putting theory into practice. You’ll work on real projects, such as internal company projects or ones we’ve undertaken in collaboration with local businesses. This is where you’ll apply what you’ve learned, solve complex problems, and see your work come to life.

Teams and projects

We make sure that every intern gets personalized attention. We divide students into small teams of 3-6 members. Each team is led by a Team Leader (TL) and mentored by an experienced professional from our organization. The projects, too, are broken down according to their complexity and assigned to respective teams, providing a balanced challenge for everyone involved.

We follow the complete process from scrums to project management, a full life cycle on each project we usually follow on our client projects. This gives you first-hand experience on how this industry works.

Life and communication coaching

Beyond technical skills, we also understand the importance of personal development and effective communication in a corporate setting. To this end, we have onboarded external life coach Chetan Patel and communication coach Bhautik Vagashiya from ChetanPatel.World. Chetan Patel is an INTEGRITY Coach, supporting IT Startups & Businesses for Growth, Systems, and Happiness. He nurtures possibilities of making Surat IT hub and is Surat’s most well-known coach. You can learn more about them on their website They guide you through life skills and enhance your English and corporate communication capabilities, preparing you for a successful career.

Hiring process

We value talent and potential. That’s why our hiring process begins at the end of the fourth month. You can learn more about our hiring process on our careers page. Shortlisted candidates receive in-detail training on our processes and systems while helping their peers complete their projects. In our corporate style, it’s a collaborative environment where everyone grows together.

Five benefits of internship at August Infotech

Our internship program offers invaluable benefits that can shape your professional journey.

Here is a list of five benefits of an internship with August Infotech.

It opens doors to potential job opportunities, as we prefer to hire from our pool of interns.

You gain practical experience and develop essential skills in the field, enhancing your employability.

It provides a platform for networking. You connect with industry professionals, gaining insights and establishing relationships that could benefit your future career.

You learn life and communication skills that aren’t taught in universities.

It’s a powerful stepping stone toward your professional growth and success.

Testimonials from some of our past interns

Starting as an intern at August Infotech, I’ve grown into an intermediate developer. The supportive team and hands-on projects enhanced my technical skills while nurturing my professional development with communication and life skills. This life-changing internship was a stepping stone toward my career growth. I highly recommend August Infotech for a solid kick-start to your professional journey

testimonial message
Devarshi Vaidya

As an intern at August Infotech, I evolved into a Project Manager in six months. The mentorship from experienced professionals enhanced my project management skills and client communication. The internship improved my time management and team scheduling and offered enriching cultural activities. This journey has been a significant learning experience and personal growth platform

testimonial message
Amaan Malek

My internship at August Infotech was rewarding, with impactful projects and comprehensive training enhancing my web development skills. The 360-degree training approach boosted my confidence through personality development and communication sessions. I’m sincerely grateful to August Infotech for this invaluable experience which has been a cornerstone in my professional journey.

testimonial message
Kuldeep Sharma

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