At August Infotech, we believe in the transformative power of reading and knowledge sharing. We aim to create a culture of knowledge seekers passionate about personal and professional growth. We encourage lively discussions and debates in ABC meet-ups, believing everyone has something valuable to contribute.

Why read books? The five core benefits

Knowledge Gain

Every book opens up new horizons of knowledge, providing insights that one can apply to both personal and professional life.

Improved Communication Skills

Regular reading enhances vocabulary, comprehension, and conversational abilities.

Mental Stimulation

Just as physical exercise keeps your body fit, reading exercises your brain, keeping it sharp and active.

Stress Reduction

A good book can transport you to a different world, reducing stress and promoting relaxation.

Personal Growth

Books inspire ideas, foster empathy, and encourage self-reflection, contributing significantly to personal development.

August Book Club (ABC): our journey so far

August Book Club (ABC)

In 2018, we initiated ABC with a mission to create a platform for sharing knowledge and a vision to cultivate book-reading habits that transform lives. We aim to generate value for our readers, fostering an environment of learning and growth.

“ABC has been a game-changer for me. It has improved my reading habit and helped me develop better communication skills.”
— Pratik Mehta

The ABC book review process

Our review process follows the CCC structure: Creation, Core-work, and Completion, which we follow in all our internal meetings.

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5 mins

Introduction of the vision and mission statement, followed by introduction of the book and the reviewer.

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30 mins

An in-depth review followed by a Q&A session.

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5 mins

Thanking the audience and announcing next month’s book, reviewer, and moderator.

We select books every six months in advance. The book selection process starts one month before when team members are encouraged to submit book names on various topics. We strive to add books published in the past two years to keep the content relevant, but timeless wisdom is always appreciated. Once the book suggestions are closed, we pick the books by voting.

We pick books from various genres, including Business, Technology, Health & Fitness, Management, Sales & Marketing, and Autobiography. Each book review involves a reviewer, a moderator, and the audience.

Books we have reviewed recently

book image

Don’t lose out, work out

by Rujuta Diwekar
book image

Communication Secrets

by Carolyn Boyes
book image

Autopilot: An art and science of doing nothing

by Andrew Smart
book image

The 1-Page Marketing Plan

by Alan Di
book image

The Maverick Effect

by Harish Mehta
book image

The Theory Of Everything

by Stephen Hawking
book image

Start with Why

by Simon Sinek
book image

The Power of Habit

by Charles Duhigg
book image

The New Psychology of Success

by Carol S. Dweck
book image

Agile Practice Guide

by Project Management Institute
book image

12 Rules for Life

by Jordan Peterson

Encouraging participation and overcoming barriers

encourage participation and overcoming barriers

At ABC, we inspire our team members to participate in the book review process, helping them overcome public speaking fears and share their knowledge. To ensure a supportive environment, we provide a buddy system where new reviewers receive guidance from experienced team members.

Whether an avid reader or looking to start, ABC is an excellent platform for our team members to cultivate the habit of reading and sharing knowledge.