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5 Tips To Optimize Your WordPress Website Determining the purpose of your website?- Checked Designing an eye-catching theme? – Checked Coding your theme correctly to improve user experience and serve your audience well? – Checked Taking imperative steps to make your website as secure as possible?

Since last few years, WordPress has fully established itself as the Internet’s most highly recognized online platform for publishing blogs and magazines. The key behind this success is the high demand of its themes and plug-ins. Many of the WordPress themes are free, which makes them a popular choice for those just starting out. But beyond these themes being free, they have left many sites looking stale. There has been always a debate on why using a Premium theme is wise over choosing a free one for your site?

So here we are, clearing up the doubts for those who are still bewildered about using a free or paid WordPress theme.

1. Be relaxed as they provide Support!

When you start with any theme, whether free or premium, you ought to look out for documentation, video tutorials or a support forum where you can post your queries and get answered on time. Unlike free themes, all the premium themes have forums for you to post questions about the issues you run into or they come with email, phone or online chat supports.

2. Wrapped up in a stunning design!

The free themes limit their design and functionality as they are free after all and who will provide their elegant designs for free! On the other hand, Premium themes come up with the best possible design, adding up more flavor as they have to convince the users to buy their themes among all other theme sellers.

3. Stay calm as they provide customization options!

Restyling a bit here and a bit there is always needed to make your website look elegant. Most of the free themes are rigid when it comes to customization, giving us one more reason to pick a premium WordPress theme. All the premium WordPress themes come with a theme option panel in the backend providing a way to change your theme. This panel allows the user to make major changes to the theme, without the user having to play with the code. This makes premium themes great for people who don’t want to learn code and those who like to use drag and drop website building.

4. SEO Friendly!

Search engine traffic are the life of any website and you should be worried if you are using a free theme as that will not allow you to build up your SEO to drive traffic. Premium WordPress Theme provides inbuilt seo functions like meta description, meta tag, follow/nofollow and all functions of seo, so benefits non technical person and easy to optimize website, without the need to buy or install additional plugin.

5. Bunch of offerings provided exclusively by Premium themes!

– Responsive and mobile friendly design: While most of the free themes lack responsiveness, premium WordPress themes are capable to be accessed from all devices whether they are mobiles, tablets or desktops.

– Browser friendly: A variety of browsers are available over the market and so you need to create a theme that is compatible with all themes. The free themes however, are restricted to a few famous browsers but a premium theme is always browser friendly.

– Regular Updates: A free theme developer will usually keep their themes aside after building them. They are not so cautious about providing regular updates or to make it compatible with latest WordPress versions making their users stressful. On the other hand, Premium themes are always trying to get their themes up to date as fast as possible. Also they are always updated with the latest WordPress Versions.

For many publishing houses and freelancers who are dependent on their WordPress website for income, having access to premium support, a higher level of security and better design will seal the deal for them. But it all depends on you and your preferences after all every theme has its own pros and cons. Neither we are creating a belief that all free themes lack these features and all premium ones have it.

What are your thoughts on opting premium themes over a free one?

Which one do you use?

Date: March 17, 2016

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