14 things to consider before buying a WordPress magazine theme


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How many bloggers make an extensive research before buying a premium WordPress theme? Less than you think. And in this case, they will likely have remorse after paying for it. Choosing a WordPress theme should be a weighted decision, not solely based on aesthetic feelings. Before the purchase, you want to make sure that the […]

How many bloggers make an extensive research before buying a premium WordPress theme?

Less than you think. And in this case, they will likely have remorse after paying for it.

Choosing a WordPress theme should be a weighted decision, not solely based on aesthetic feelings. Before the purchase, you want to make sure that the new theme is worth the money.

If you are a new blogger and you don’t know anything about PHP or CSS, don’t worry.

In this post, you can learn the criteria to be considered before buying a WordPress magazine theme.

1. Design: What Are Your Needs?

First of all, you must ensure that the theme corresponds to the design you wish and that you really need.

You could buy a WordPress theme and then adapt it, but the process is not so simple.

Ask about the possibility of changing colors, fonts and other elements. Take the time to consider a theme that meets at least 80% of your layout and content needs.

2. Better a Dated WordPress Theme or a New Product Just Came Out On the Market?

There are pros and cons on both cases.

The new WordPress themes provide freshness but can also present some bugs. Developers can not consider every aspect a user would do. And honestly speaking, it is impossible to think of everything. There’s no doubt there will be some bugs, which are going to be fixed later with the addition of new features.

Dated WordPress magazine themes show definitely fewer bugs, lots of options and proven coding to accommodate the most popular plugins. The downside may be the lack of updates.

Considering the safety or the novelty is certainly part of your decision-making factor.

3. Does the Theme Need the Latest Version of WordPress?

Let’s make one thing clear. You should always have the latest version of WordPress installed, as it offers security features.

Keeping up with the updates is extremely important. That said, some older themes may not support the latest versions of WordPress (which means, being in troubles). This must be absolutely verified before buying a premium theme.

4. Does the Theme Support the Basic Functions of WordPress?

Make sure the magazine theme you have chosen supports the basic functionalities like:

  • menus
  • widgets
  • sidebars
  • media
  • home page
  • individual posts
  • comments
  • 404 page

And all the other functions of WordPress.

5. Do You Need Different Layouts and Columns?

Also in this case, you don’t need to take anything for granted.

Examine the description of the magazine theme you want to buy and if possible, ask for a demo to make sure its layout supports the type of content you want to create.

6. Does the Premium Theme Offer CTA Options?

I’m a big supporter of the “call to actions”.

On every website or blog, the visitor should be invited to do something. The design of the theme you have chosen needs to be consistent with the options that will lead to these calls.

Before purchasing your magazine theme, consider what you want the visitors do after reading the content of your blog.

7. Do You Have Particular Needs?

Before searching for the perfect WordPress premium theme, just answer to these specific questions.

For example, do you want one or two menus? Bloggers often use only one.

Do you need a customized footer? Some themes support the widgets in this section.

Is the navigation bar long enough to accommodate all of the options on the main menu?

You need to make a list of your particular needs and verify if the theme you want to purchase satisfy them all.

8. Is The Theme SEO Friendly?

While WordPress is SEO friendly by default, not all themes adhere to these practices.

A clean code and a curated architecture help achieving top placements on search engines.

You also need to verify if the theme does not conflict with the most important and effective SEO plugins. Aside this, check also for the option of migrating the data, if in future you need to switch theme.

9. Pre-Sale and Post-Sale Assistance

There are people who buy a theme and if they do not like it – or they consider it difficult to use – they just go for another one without ever contact the developers. But I think they are an exception, as most ask questions before buying and claim to receive assistance as a customer.

In some cases, if you don’t have the time or the proper skills, you could get specific modifications from the developers or a custom configuration service by paying an extra fee.

10. Are There Positive or Negative Feedbacks?

If the feedback of the buyers (or comments on other sites) are available, read them carefully. Look for the most common problems like conflicts between plugins or any other complaints. The best services usually provide a forum moderated by the developers and the community.

Remember that it will be hard to get a 100% satisfaction. And users with zero knowledge inevitably will find themselves in difficulty giving all the blame to the supplier.

11. What Level of Browser Support Do You Need?

Many developers of premium themes will not support older browsers because of the programming levels needed (just think about the current design elements on the Web).

If you need support for older browsers, make sure that the theme is designed to fit it.

Just remember that this need for older browsers will severely limit your choices of premium themes.

12. Do You Need a Fixed or a Responsive Theme?

The responsive design is another feature you want to look for. While a lot of WordPress magazine themes are designed to be responsive, many are not.

With mobile industry raising, that is a feature you need to consider. The responsive themes resize themselves to the devices used.

Before you fall in love with any theme, make sure it has a responsive design.

13. Is the Theme Suitable for Ad Monetization?

Accepting ads makes a difference in the design and layout of a premium WordPress theme. Think about the most popular online magazines, which are designed to accommodate different ad blocks.

Many bloggers use them as a stream of income. So choosing a theme that support this option is really important.

14. Consider the User Experience

Last, but not least, put yourself in the shoes of your audience.

The user experience is going to influence the success of your online magazine. Consider an average level of knowledge and make sure to give your users the best experience when visiting your website.

These are the things to consider before buying a WordPress magazine theme.

Date: February 4, 2016

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