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Latest Trends in Magazine Publishing

January 27, 2016 | By August Infotech
Latest Trends in Magazine Publishing

Phablets made the waves in 2014 ushering in a new era in digital publishing. 2015 saw mobile-driven content as the way forward.

What lies ahead for the e-publishing industry in terms of trends?

According to industry professionals, the world of digital magazines is still in a state of flux. Experimentation remaining an important aspect whether it relates to formats, platforms and publishing or to delivery and distribution. Some online magazine publishing trends continue into the New Year.

Here's a sneak peek at the latest trends in magazine publishing.

Mobile Devices

With usage patterns of readers changing over the last of couple of years, mobile delivery in terms of content and ads will remain a key driver for digital publishing. For example the use of large screen smartphones jumped by 148% in 2014. More magazine and newspaper app were downloaded and access rates increased by 144% in the same period. More of your readers are now accessing content on mobile devices. Publishers who tap this source of steady customers are more likely to see a spurt in growth.

Content monetization and Ad revenue

Revenue from digital magazine circulation was 4% in 2013 and is expected to increase to 11% by 2016. What's more; digital ad revenue is expected to be at least 25% of total ad revenue from both print and online versions.

Among magazine publishing market trends, advertising and content monetization techniques will see rapid changes For advertisers; the mobile trend will lead to increased ad spend in digital channels. As a publisher, you have to be innovative. Subscription models, sponsored content or naive ads, and live mobile ads will rule the roost, but publishers will need to use other personalized and customer-centric models. Eg: micro payment software for sale of a single article.

Video content

When you talk about magazine publishing trends, how can you forget content and its presentation? Focus on video content to attract and retain viewership. According to Magazine Media Audience Report By AMA, magazine video consumption went up by 58% in the last half of 2014. Both video views and video ads spend are set to expand in the coming years. A quality video enhances user experience and adds to the content, while video ads generate 4 times more revenue than text-based ads. Readers not only love engaging video content, but also share it on social media. This brings us to the next trend in e-publishing.

Millennial and social media

Millennial, an important reader group and revenue generator, continues to actively engage in social media. For those in the 18- 25 age group, it's all about connectivity and sharing. If you want to reach out to them as a magazine publisher, social media presence is vital. With social media sites like Facebook creating their own search engines, Twitter and Snapchat turning into marketing avenues, and Tumbler becoming a publishing zone, you have to meet millenials at their home turf. Social sites that offer real-time engagement are your best bets as magazine publishers.

Digital publishing as media hub

Of all the trends in magazine publishing, this one makes digital content stand out from traditional modes. Take a look at your print or trade magazine delivery patterns. The first thing you notice is that all of them are periodicals, mostly monthly issues while a few are bi-monthly or quarterly prints. Digital magazines will be moving away from periodicals to become a media hub - focusing more on a continuous publishing cycle. The latest website or app based digital magazine will be either a content hub with constantly updated information or an outlet with both magazine and newsroom-style publishing cycles.

Some of these magazine publishing industry trends require enterprising, creative and well-thought out strategies and responses from digital publishers.

Are you ready for the challenges?

Originally posted on IssueMagazinePlus.

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