Why do Users Lose Interest in an On-Demand Mobile App?

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Why do Users Lose Interest in an On-Demand Mobile App?

The average mobile app retention rate has hovered around 30% ever since 2012. While this is an adequate rate, yours may be even lower.

It may be difficult to understand why your retention rate is so low. You get a high number of downloads, after all. But the struggle is in keeping these users.

This article explores why low app retention occurs and what you can do to combat it.

Your App Is Hard to Use

You may have the most amazing product in the world, but people aren't going to go through with the purchase if your app is hard to navigate. User interface and user experience are two major things you need to tackle.

Your App Isn't What People Expected

App descriptions are very important in getting users to download your app. But if they're deceiving or vague, you'll find your app retention rate will crash.

To avoid this, be very clear in your description of what users can expect your app to do.

Your App Freezes or Crashes Often

App optimization is simple with iOS, but if you cater to the Android crowd too, it can be challenging. If your app freezes or crashes often, they may give up on it and try your competitor's app.

Make sure you continually test the functionalities of your app and do staged rollouts. That way, if anything goes wrong, only a small percentage of your users are affected, not every single one.

Not Enough Updates

There's no such thing as the perfect app; there are always ways you can improve on the customer experience. While the majority of people may enjoy your app initially, they won't be happy for long if you don't release updates.

Always test and learn so you can push out updates that improve the quality of life for your customers. If you stagnate on your app, your business will stagnate as well.

User Issues Are Ignored

There are ways for users to leave feedback for your app. Not taking these comments into account is a surefire way to shoot yourself in the foot.

When you address user issues, you'll benefit in two ways. First, you'll improve your app and attract more customers. And second, you'll appease your current customers for better retention.

Your App Isn't Secure

Mobile app security is of the utmost importance, especially if users have to input sensitive detail, such as their full name, address, contact information, and credit card numbers.

If your app doesn't have proper credentials, customers may be hesitant to input those kinds of details to complete a purchase.

Get Good App Retention Rates

As you see, simply creating an excellent app isn't enough. To get good app retention rates, you'll need to employ a number of strategies to get people to not only download your app, but to also keep using it.

If you need help improving your app retention rates, then please get in touch with us now.

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