Solution of Twitter API error- 401 error, Timestamp out of bounds

10 Sep 2014August InfotechPHP, Social Media

Reference site of solution : Follow This steps, 1.. Create a php file in your server:

request_url =""; 
$srvstamp = time(); // ---- server timestamp ---- 
$twheader = get_headers($request_url, 1); // ---- array with ['Date'] string 
$twistamp = strtotime($twheader['date']); // ---- twitter timestamp 
echo " Server: ".date("Y.m.d (H:i:s)",$srvstamp)." - ".$srvstamp." \r\n"; 
echo " Twitter: ".date("Y.m.d (H:i:s)",$twistamp)." - ".$twistamp." \r\n"; 
/The diference between my server and twitter is/ echo $twistamp - $srvstamp; ?>

2.- Open your browser and go to your php file I copied the difference between the timestamps
4.- Go to Ajust ->Wordtwit and saste that number in the last text filed (timestamp)
5.- Save and that's all

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