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Sneak-Peak of our new Product – Archtiko WordPress Theme

January 20, 2016 | By August Infotech
Sneak-Peak of our new Product – Archtiko WordPress Theme

If you are looking to launch a website for your architectural business or you are simply a fan of interesting structures or famous buildings of the world and you are looking to launch a blog on the topic, you can’t find any other platform which is more convenient than WordPress.

To make your work facile, we have incorporated our best of the design with WordPress and created the Archtiko WordPress Theme, which not only serves all the purpose for an architectural business but also is equally useful for creating portfolios, photography or graphic design themes.

Let us take a small tour of astounding features provided by the Archtiko WordPress Theme:

1. Inclusive of Projects - A key to an architect’s website.

The Archtiko WordPress Theme comes up with a Project Custom Post Type to create and showcase your projects on the site. Also it provides different project options to add details to your projects.

It allows you to add:

  • Overview : Allows you to add content about the project
  • Location : Allows you to add location of your project. Longitude and Latitude added here will be shown on map.
  • Floor Plan & Maps : Images from selected floor plan will display in Floor Plans tab for project detail.
  • Gallery : Images from selected project gallery will display in Gallery tab for project detail.
  • Amenities & Lifestyle : Add the content here to display under Amenities & the Lifestyle tab for project details.
  • Facts : Add facts about your projects such as project type, BHK type, blocks, builders etc.
  • Specification : You can add the content here which will be shown under the specification tab.
  • Nearby Locality : You can upload images to showcase the locality near your project.
  • Express Your Interest : Provides a fully functional inquiry form to let your users drop a message regarding their inquiry.
  • Upload your Brochure: Upload the brochures giving your users more information about your project which they can download and read.
  • Feature Post : Feature your Project from here!
  • Route Map Image : Upload image guiding your users about the way to your project!
  • Master Plan Image : Upload the blueprint of your project from here.

2. Projects are not same as Floor Plan!

There are two main ways to display projects and on the surface they both look the same, but they have a big impact on the value of your website. One of the ways is to display images which will open up. We also provide facility to download those Floor Plans which can be associated with one or more projects and will be displayed under Floor Plan & Maps in Projects tab.

3. Flaunt with Filterable Projects.

Archtiko lets you categorized portfolio with sorting facility. Also, filtering is done using isotope, so filtering will be done without reloading the page with great visual effects. It comes up with facilities to exhibit your projects in 3-column, 4-column, 5-column or 6-column manner.

4. Entertain your users with Blogs!

The Archtiko theme allows you to add up the blog with various page formats including sliders, images, video and audio. Catch hold of your users by providing them more knowledge about your projects in an eye-catching way.

5. Archtiko in your palms!

Making sure your website is mobile friendly has become very important. 40% of the traffic on Websites for Architects is viewed via a smart phone or a tablet and this is only going to increase. Many themes do not deal with mobile devices well and so many people were using plugins to create a second mobile friendly version of their site.

This redo has been removed as Archtiko is absolutely responsive theme! No matter your website is browsed on desktop, tablet or phone, it will adapt the layout to the viewing environment and will always look great.

Try out Archtiko WordPress Theme that is distinctively designed to suit your personal and business needs. It is not only an architects and builders portfolio website, but can be easily customized for other industries too.

You can go through documentation to get a thorough knowledge about Archtiko. Also you can see the demo at :

Have something to ask? Need to know more? Do post your queries and comments in the comment box below.

Originally posted on IssueMagazinePlus.

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