Our proven track record demonstrates our ability to effectively deliver Minimum Viable Products in healthcare, real estate, commodity trading, and fintech industries.

Our approach to MVP development

We have established ourselves in developing Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) across various sectors. Our work includes the healthcare, real estate, commodity trading, and fintech industries. We use advanced technologies like Python, AWS, Machine Learning, and React.JS to create robust, high-performance MVPs.

Our approach to developing MVPs is consultative. We believe in partnering with our clients and guiding them step by step through creating their MVPs. This involves understanding your vision, defining the project scope, designing and building the product, testing it, and finally launching your MVP.

Our Agile Delivery Model ensures that we’re always on the same page, delivering a product that is quick and which meets your expectations. Our expertise and commitment set a solid foundation for your product’s success.

Our Minimum Viable Product Development Process:

Discovery and Ideation

During this stage, we focus on understanding your vision, the problem you’re trying to solve, and the potential users of your product. We brainstorm and refine ideas, setting a solid foundation for your MVP.

MVP Strategy and Planning

We define the scope of your MVP, establishing key features that will deliver value to your users while aligning with your business objectives. Timelines and key milestones are set during this phase to ensure a smooth development process.

Rapid Prototyping

To quickly validate your ideas, we create interactive prototypes that offer a tangible view of your MVP. This allows us to gather initial feedback and make necessary adjustments before diving into full-fledged development.

MVP Development and Implementation

Our experienced developers use Python, Node.js, and other robust technologies to build your MVP. We ensure it’s scalable, high-performing, and ready to impress your target audience.

User Testing and Feedback

We conduct thorough user testing to ensure your MVP offers a seamless, intuitive user experience. Feedback from these tests is invaluable in refining the product before launch.

Launch and Market Validation

Once your MVP is polished and ready, we guide you through the launch process. Post-launch, we assist in gathering market feedback, which is crucial for validating your product’s fit in the market.

Post-Launch Support and Iteration

After launch, we continue to support you as you gather feedback and learn more about your users. We help you iterate your MVP based on real-world insights, ensuring that it continues to meet user needs and business goals.

Scaling for Growth

As your user base grows, so should your MVP. We provide guidance and support as you scale your product, ensuring it adapts to increasing demand while maintaining quality and performance.

Proven across industries

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We’ve been successful across diverse industries, like Healthcare, Real Estate Construction Company, Cyber Security, Hospitality delivering successful Minimum Viable Products.

“We have worked with August Infotech for many years now. They are diligent, timely and experts in the field. This will remain as a long term partnership.”
— HealthCare Client

Our healthcare MVP success story

One of our proudest achievements is a healthcare project where we tackled several challenges related to staff verification and document management.

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The Challenges

Our client needed help with unmanageable manual procedures. They had to maintain physical folders for documents, manually record staff shifts and hours, and keep track of staff communication. Overbooking and under booking shifts were a common problem due to these manual processes.

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Our Solution

An MVP that automated and streamlined staff management. It enabled record keeping, shift scheduling, document storage, and staff verification. The platform also managed shifts and bookings, sent alerts for open shifts, and included a chat system for recorded communication.

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The Result

The MVP efficiently managed shifts and staff verification and provided analytical data via a Dashboard. Communication was improved through the chat system. This freed administrators from manual tasks, allowing them to concentrate on other crucial responsibilities and streamline the process.

Our cloud security management MVP success story

We also have a notable success story in the Cloud Security sector for a niche cloud service provider based in Europe.

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The Challenges

Our client faced cloud security management issues, including missing important Security and Compliance alerts. Manual checks for policy breaches were required by DevOps or account owners. The need for more user-friendly reports and statistics on their platforms was required.

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Our Solution

To address these challenges, we developed a solution that periodically performs Security and Compliance checks on AWS and Azure accounts, available as a monthly SaaS subscription. With a dashboard highlighting failed checks, it offers a comprehensive security and compliance overview.

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The Result

Our solution allows end-users to swiftly identify issues without needing technical expertise. Users are immediately alerted when security checks fail, cutting down the learning curve and improving cloud security management, while an easy-to-understand dashboard makes tracking the number of alerts easy.

Technologies used

Additional services

Machine Learning and AI Integration

We utilize advanced technologies such as Machine Learning and AI to enhance your MVP and prepare you for long-term success.

Custom Python Development

We use Python to create scalable and high-performance web solutions for our clients.

Our pricing:

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Understanding that every project is unique, our pricing for MVP development services is flexible and designed to align with the complexity of your project. We offer various pricing models to accommodate your needs, whether a fixed price model for clearly defined projects or a time and material model for projects requiring more flexibility and ongoing changes.

Additionally, we provide dedicated teams if you wish to have a more involved, hands-on approach to your project. Our primary goal is delivering exceptional value, ensuring you receive a high-quality MVP that meets your specific needs and budget.

Interested in getting a free consultation and estimate for your MVP? Get Started Today. Let’s bring your idea to life with a robust MVP. Reach out today to learn more or schedule a consultation. If you are an agency seeking a dedicated team for your projects, please check our “Staff Augmentation” services.