InsideAR 2014

2 Nov 2014August InfotechOthers

InsideAR is the world’s leading Augmented Reality Conference organized annually by Metaio based on 10 years of experience in the AR development and deployment. Each October Metaio brings together some of the leading speakers, brands and companies for a full two day conference at which the participants discover the current and future applications of the Augmented Reality technology by getting in touch with practical examples, live demonstrations, and research insights from the recognized leaders in the field of Augmented Reality.

How can we teach mobile sensors to understand the world and interact with it? How will the ‘Internet of Things’ be combined with smart devices to improve our everyday lives? When will smart homes and intelligent factories become a reality? And how can privacy and data be protected in a world of “always on” computer vision devices?

These questions shape this year’s main topics of InsideAR: Wearable computing, sensors including the newest 3D-Optics, Augmented Reality applications for enterprise, medicine, culture and education as well as Industry 4.0. Visitors can get information on all things AR in exciting keynotes, panel discussions, workshops, and even at our largest exhibition space to date.

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