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The Gutenberg Project: 10 Things to Know About the Gutenberg WordPress Editor

The Gutenberg : 10 Things to Know About the Gutenberg Wordpress Editor WordPress will recently release their new visual editor called Gutenberg. What will this update mean for your WordPress website? How will the Gutenberg edit...

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10 Reasons to choose WordPress for your next website

There are numerous platforms over which millions of websites all over the world have been developed. Regardless of this fact, WordPress is the most popular open source Content Management System (CMS) used in 73 million websites. ...

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Significance of Responsive Design in WordPress Theme

The world is turning smart with the increasing use of smartphones. Every task that used to be only capable on desktop is now accomplished using the smartphones or tablets including browsing social media outlets, checking emails an...

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5 Quick tips to promote your Premium WordPress Theme

Before you dig into this blog post and get your hands on promoting your own Premium WordPress Magazine themes, I want you to think for a moment that how did you reach this particular blog post? Was it a coincident? Or you regular...

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5 Reasons For Using Premium WordPress magazine theme

Since last few years, WordPress has fully established itself as the Internet’s most highly recognized online platform for publishing blogs and magazines. The key behind this success is the high demand of its themes and plug-ins....

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5 Tips To Optimize Your WordPress Website

Determining the purpose of your website?- Checked Designing an eye-catching theme? - Checked Coding your theme correctly to improve user experience and serve your audience well? - Checked Taking imperative steps to make your we...

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