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Converting Four Drupal 7 Websites Into One Drupal 8 Website

The requirement was to redesign and convert four websites which were on Drupal 7 into one on the latest Drupal 8 framework while keeping existing site...

The challenges:

  • The client wanted to combine four different websites into one and convert them from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8.
  • We were asked to maintain SEO ranks in Google intact. The biggest challenge was not to lose the SEO ranking after combining all the four websites.
  • Client wanted to increase the user traffic on the new website.
  • The important part was also to import all the data from the four websites into the new website by keeping all URLs structure as it is.

The solution:

  • We created scripts to import data from existing sites to new site as Drupal migration module import partial data only.
  • We implemented Ubercart Drupal 8 module to convert client's separate existing eCommerce website, which was one of the four websites into the new one.
  • We redesigned the look and feel of the website, made it more user friendly and responsive.
  • We rewrite all the rules in .htaccess to redirect user from existing domain to new domain/pages, without SEO of the website getting affected.

The Outcome:

  • The client is getting more user traffic on the new website.
  • Conversion ratio has doubled on the new website.

Next Steps:

  • We are working on introducing subscription based system in the new website.
  • Post the subscription module is ready, we will be starting work on the mobile app for both, Android and iOS users.
  • We are working on SEO to increase users traffic and improve conversion ratio.

Technologies/Framework used:

  • PHP Drupal 8 CMS Framework
  • MySQLi
  • hosted solution
  • Git version control system
  • Drupal 8 Ecommerce Ubercart module
  • HTML5, Materialize css
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