3D Project

28 Jan 2019

The client’s business is to manufacture custom packaging boxes/cartons from corrugated paper.  

The challenges:

  • While placing the order, their customers were sending images and box sizes by email. Because there was no way to verify how the final product would look, many times sample products created from the order would get rejected, wasting a lot of time, energy and material, and reducing the customer satisfaction.

The solution:

  • We created an online store with the feature where the website visitors can design custom box and view the final product in 3D before placing the order.
  • After the order is placed, the system converts 3D design to high resolution image for printing and packaging purpose.

The outcome:

  • As the website visitors were able to view the box in 3D before actually placing the order, the solution resulted in the increased acceptance ratio of the sample box, which lead to the improved customer experience and reduced the waste.

The next steps:

  • The client has hired us to provide us with phase II of this project. 
  • Adding more box formats for customization.
  • Adding tool to generate inquiries/leads.

Technologies used:

  • For the 3D view:
    - WebGL
    - three.js
    - graphicsTab.js
    - kinetic.js
    - lithographic.js
  • For the box customization:
    - HTML5 Canvas
  • To render high resolution image from 3D for the purpose of printing the box:
    - imagemagick CLI
  • For eCommerce workflow:
    - Magento 2 eCommerce framework

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