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What Are Instant Apps and How Will They Change the Mobile Dev World?

August 14, 2018 | By August Infotech
What Are Instant Apps and How Will They Change the Mobile Dev World?
What do you do with apps you don't like?

Uninstall them, of course. After all, why would you keep apps you won't use even if you still have a lot of storage on your phone?

But then again, going through this process involves a bit of trial and error. There are more than 3 million apps on Google Play. Imagine how many times you'll have to download and install apps to find the ones you like best.

Thanks to Instant Apps, you don't need to download something to see if it's worth your phone's storage. But what are Instant Apps? Here's a closer look at Instant Apps and how they're changing the app development world.

What Are Instant Apps?

You can think of Instant Apps as the try before you buy versions of traditional apps. You can open them from a URL, and you'll get a functional app experience. Yes, no downloads!

For users, they offer certain benefits such as ease of access and sharing. Buzzfeed instant app is a great example of this.

Let's say you're a fan of some of their content. You want to check their content offerings from time to time. But you don't want to install their app.

That's fine. All you need to do is search for your favorite Buzzfeed show. If it's Buzzfeed Tasty, for example, you can open it from a link. And from there you'll get the same native experience as if you have Buzzfeed's app on your phone.

How to Use Android Instant Apps

Try searching for a celebrity's Instagram page using your phone. If you open the link from your browser, Google will ask if you want to open it in the app. Of course, this is assuming you already have Instagram installed on your phone.

If not, you have no choice but to view Instagram in its web version. With Instant Apps, you get the best of both worlds. You can open an instant app, view its content, and decide if you want to bounce or commit to a full install.

It's super simple. All you need is open a link, and you have the content you need.

Will Instant Apps Replace the Mobile Web?

How do you feel about a 'no downloads' future?

From a user standpoint, people will always want a mistake-free online experience. Users are also unlikely to say no to a seamless experience from web page to an app and vice versa.

Now, if you're a developer, you'll have to put in extra time and effort to develop an instant app. But it's not like you have a choice if users demand the instant app experience more and more in the future.

At this point, it's still a case of wait and watch. But it's already making a difference in e-commerce, as well as the travel industry.


Want to Know More About Instant Apps?

Do you have clients asking you, "What are Instant Apps?" Now that you know more about them, you can explain how they work and some of their benefits for users.But if you need more information on Instant Apps, don't hesitate to check out our blog. We also offer tons of content on the web and mobile development, as well as upcoming trends in IT.

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