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Why Use Drupal? 5 Benefits That Make It the Best CMS on the Market

November 13, 2018 | By August Infotech
Why Use Drupal? 5 Benefits That Make It the Best CMS on the Market
Before beginning a search for a product or service, 90% of internet users have yet to make up their mind about which brand they want to go with. This means that a business's online presence has a huge influence on what consumers purchase.

The average annual revenue for businesses with a website is about $1.43 million higher than those without. Of course, the cost of maintaining a website can be high as well. This is where a content management system comes in.

Of all the content management systems on the market, why use Drupal? Keep reading to find out the top five benefits of this content management system.

1. It's Open Source

Websites like Wikipedia are so amazing because they are open source. If every editor or writer of every article had to work in an office together, Wikipedia would hardly have achieved the scale it has today. The same concept can apply to Drupal.

This means that anyone anywhere can improve Drupal when they encounter an error or a deficiency. It also means that the software is free, which is a bottom line most business owners can't ignore.

2. It's High Quality

Thanks to the nature of open source, products like Drupal are usually high quality. This is because thousands of the best programmers from all around the world are fixing and adding to the software. The in-house developed software can never achieve this kind of talent reach.

Thanks to the contributions of these professionals, business owners can simply add a module to their website for virtually any need.

3. It's Secure

Again, the nature of open source technology also helps it be more secure technology. This is due to the programmers who are constantly adding patches and upgrades to eliminate vulnerabilities. Of course, your IT staff must remember to stay on top of new patches and updates to ensure your website's security.

This content management system is so secure that it is used by the White House and NASA, among many other government agencies.

4. Its Meta Tools

The marketing team in every company should be very knowledgeable about search engine optimization. Drupal's meta tools make SEO even easier. For example, Drupal's Metatag tool allows SEO experts to easily add metatags to pages.

5. Its Great UI and UX

The user interface and user experience of any website are crucial. This not only entails how the user feels about their experience on a website but the buttons and tools they use to interact with that website.

Because Drupal is so easily customizable, it gives businesses complete control over UI and UX. This is a huge advantage over other content management systems.

Why Use Drupal?

With so many different content management systems out there, it can be difficult to decide which one is the right investment. The last thing any business owner wants to deal with is sinking money into a product that doesn't meet the needs of its marketers, its web designers, and its programmers.

Why use Drupal? These five reasons clearly show why this content management system is preferred by some of the most important companies and institutions out there.

Now that you've found the perfect content management system, learn more about responsive web design principles.

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