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Top 4 Future trends of SEO

November 5, 2017 | By August Infotech
Top 4 Future trends of SEO
Okay, so we all are trying to predict the future right? So you think you will bring out your crystal ball and predict the SEO trends for next year?

We can’t actually predict with assurance about what is going to happen. If you know the basics about SEO you will know that while many things change, many things don’t.

SEO is essentially happening in two parts – on page SEO and off page SEO. Google has over 200+ factors that influence where your site is going to rank for any keyword.

In this post, we are going to reveal some of our predictions for the SEO trends that might get a hike in 2018. Check back on that day or fall behind!

1.UX will play a major role

We all know how much Google is obsessed with its user, and you should be, too. User experience (UX) is going to play a vital role in search engine optimization as customizing the search results tends to be the leading choice. No matter how great information you are providing, if your content is not engaging to your users, you will lose them!

To help your site rank a better position in future, I would advise you all to invest some time in learning what your users want, inside and out. Once you know them you can create contents that not only gives them helpful information but also engages them. You can do this using free analytics tools that help you to track and learn what your users are doing.

2. AMP will be a ranking factor

Accelerated Mobile Pages is one of the progressive technologies today. The aim of Google was to deliver the best mobile experience to its users. Google doesn't want its user to wait to read or see something. If you have a look on the first page of the SERPs on your mobile device, it seems that up to a majority of them are AMP.

Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages will remove all the slower loading content and list out the fastest loading ones in your search results. At this point of time, AMP is not a ranking factor, but that doesn’t mean it will not have an impact on your search results in the near future. AMP content is consistently featured above the organic listings in mobile search results. So start building AMP pages for your content now before Google declares it as one of the ranking factors for search engines.

3. Leverage Voice Search

The way people search the internet is changing. More and more people are accessing the internet for their queries via voice search. And in 2018 their demand is going to increase exponentially. So your SEO content strategy should be to use keyword phrases with a more conversational tone. For example, the keyword phrase ‘delhi restaurants’ is more likely to achieve great results if it’s written in a way that sounds more natural, such as ‘Where’s the best place to eat in Delhi?’

These days voice search has become extremely convenient to use as it gives quick results than typing the entire phrase. So try to incorporate conversation keywords as a part of your content marketing strategy for 2018.

4. Local Search Gaining Importance

For the past few months, the searches including the phrase “near me” has almost doubled up. The local search has gained ultimate importance with the increasing use of mobile for searching places and other queries.

According to a research, in the past year, the amount of local mobile searches have increased by upto 40%. Thus, optimizing your websites with keywords pertaining to local search has become really important. For instance use keywords that indicates the locality of your brand.


While I do believe these four predictions will become real ranking factors in the near future. I hope you take out some time to implement these strategies to help your site rank high, today and tomorrow!

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