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Teamwork Support in Enhancing Productivity

April 7, 2020 | By August Infotech
Teamwork Support in Enhancing Productivity
Did you know that 75% of employers find that teamwork and collaboration are essential to the job but then do nothing to make sure that employees are working together efficiently? Teamwork support is essential in the workplace because it is an excellent way to help enhance productivity, which is the key to success for any business. At August Infotech, our associates are more than just employees to us, which is why they all strive to learn to work together as a team. Keep reading for our guide on why teamwork support is essential in the workplace and how you can help your team work together better.  

Establish Communication

Meetings One of the numbers of ways to create and build teamwork within your workplace is by establishing open and transparent communication. Within our work culture, we like to communicate openly and freely with each other no matter what rank we are. When you openly communicate with your associates, you open tons of doors to having a smooth and efficient office environment. You can set an example for your team members by practicing proper communication with clients and with your team. An excellent way to open communication with your team is by asking them how they like to receive feedback, whether it is negative or positive. Some people prefer their feedback in private through a meeting, and as a manager, you should respect that. You should also try to promote communication by having team meetings. Meetings are an essential part of our day at August Infotech, which is why our associates are always willing to talk through any issues that may arise. Read: Rules of Proper Communication in Sales and Business Etiquettes

Team Building Exercises

A great way that we help to promote teamwork for our associates is by using teambuilding exercises. Teambuilding exercises are an excellent way for your team to get to know each other and a fun way for them to learn how to work together. Most employees find teambuilding to be boring or useless, but you may be surprised to know that there are fun teambuilding exercises that you can do that aren't cheesy. At August Infotech, we've found exercises that help build our associates into leaders and even help give back to the community. These exercises can be done in many different ways to fit the needs of your workplace as we do with ours. You could do a quick exercise before a team meeting to make them a bit more fun. Another great time to do them would be on the first Friday of every month. Recently we also have started doing two minutes of timed meditation before starting any important meeting. This way, we clear our space and get into the new zone.  

Give Your Team a Good Environment

Team work Another reason why our associates find themselves striving to work harder is because of the good office environment we've worked to achieve. If you're having trouble motivating your team, then you can use your communication skills and ask each team member if they're comfortable or even what could make them more comfortable. Sometimes the lack of space in the office can make people uncomfortable. Of course, we think that open work environments are supposed to promote productivity, but sometimes people may feel like they're sitting on top of each other and can't get anything done. We like to ask our team to work together to find improvements that can be made around the office. This is a good way for associates to get things that they want and help them to feel more motivated throughout the day. Work culture and feel comfortable at work are great ways to enhance productivity and what we strive for at August Infotech for every one of our associates. Read: Our Company Work Culture, You're Family at August Infotech

Use Feedback Effectively

As we've previously mentioned, feedback can be an essential tool when it comes to communicating with your team as well as helping to promote teamwork in the workplace. One thing we make sure to look for during an evaluation is how good our associations can work together as a team. We've noticed that giving the right kind of feedback about teamwork to your associate is a great way to help them excel. Pushing them when they need to be pushed can be done, but you need to do it in the right ways. Pointing out when more teamwork can be done is sometimes crucial when it comes to getting people motivated. We also like to make sure that we're pointing out the positives when it comes to our associates and what they excel at individually as well as when they work in a team. This is the best way to recognize them for all the wonderful things that they do.  

Create a Family Atmosphere

Team Work Besides just working at August Infotech, we want each associate to feel like they're a part of our family, which is key to teamwork support. Creating a family atmosphere is what we strive for, and being conversational and supporting our team members inside and outside of work is essential when it comes to our work culture. Another way we try to promote a family atmosphere is by making sure our associates know that as managers, we have their backs just like any family member would. This is an excellent stance for a manager to have because then your team members won't be as fearful when it comes to doing their job. Luckily for August, we're skilled at hiring people who are generally good and care about each other. This is a great stepping stone to creating that atmosphere.  

Teamwork Support in the Workplace

When it comes to teamwork support in the workplace, there are plenty of things that we do to help our team so they can continuously improve. We love that our team can work together efficiently, and it shows when the productivity and motivation in our workplace are at an all-time high. Conclusion Teamwork is the best way to lead success. it’s strongly believes in teamwork and proved too in the past. So we will be glad if you people join us in our team work and we will lead our success soon.

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