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Revamp your fashion blog using our FashionMagPro theme

May 4, 2016 | By August Infotech
Revamp your fashion blog using our FashionMagPro theme

Whether an avid follower, or simply someone who chooses to clothe themselves each day, the fashion industry has influenced part of each and every modern individuals’ lives. Fashion houses not only provide amazing attires to dress up for different occasions but also have started providing guidance in form of blogs to their customers regarding the latest trends of fashion industry, how to dress up for a traditional function or for corporate parties and what not! Hence, incorporating blogs with their shopping sites or framing a different blog altogether is the new trend!

Are you still left out to assimilate the blogs with your website? Are you looking for a theme to integrate your amazing articles? We introduce you to FashionMagPro WordPress Theme to set up your fashion magazine.

But why would you choose it out of hundreds of other themes available? Here are some reasons to set a positive thought regarding it:

1. Render social sharing option!

To promote your blog or product, the first and foremost, an easy and inexpensive way is to share it via various social sites. Publish the most incredible content of your site so that it can reach every nook and corner of the world via your social sites. FashionmagPro comes with social sharing option rendering your content over popular sites such as facebook, linkedin, twitter, whatsapp and what not!

2. Earn with Advertise!

Yes your blogging or magazine website can also help you earn revenue! Advertise helps you best in earning revenue from your site. FashionmagPro theme comes with appropriate advertisement blocks that do not hinder the actual content area.

3. IssueWise Content Management!

Slice up your articles issue wise so that they are easy to read, manage and browse. Divide your content in let’s say, month wise issues so that it becomes easy to search and read your favorite article.

4. Assign categories to your articles!

Let your articles fall under some particular category so that users can get similar stuffs under one group. Also you can assign more than one category to a particular article. Say an article related to traditional jewelry can fall under categories like accessories, ethnic etc.

5. Promote your products using instagram and flickr widgets!

What else apart from Instagram can you think of when you want to promote or showcase your fashion products? FashionmagPro theme comes up with ready-to-use widgets for Instagram and flickr. Just provide your Insta ID or the flickr ID and you are all set to showcase your products along with your articles!

6. Layout editor pick articles, featured article and many more!

Let your users know the most liked articles or most viewed ones. FashionmagPro lets you display some of the best articles such as ones picked by editor or the featured article on your homepage itself! Also you can create your custom homepage using easy-to-use shortcodes.

7. Responsive Design!

Responsiveness is a feature of Fashionmag Pro that serves as “a cherry on the top” apart from all other features that it provides. Let your website adapt the screen size on which it is viewed. Cater your users with the flexibility to read your articles on their smartphones or tablets.

So what are you waiting for? Purchase the FashionMagPro WordPress theme and get started with the blogs along with your shopping stuffs.

Originally posted on IssueMagazinePlus.

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