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Python vs PHP: Which Programming Language is Best for Your Site and App?

December 25, 2018 | By August Infotech
Python vs PHP: Which Programming Language is Best for Your Site and App?
Many people focus on the browser-facing aspect of their website since it's the part customers see. This frontend development is important, but it's meaningless without the right backend development.

This backend handles how the website connects to the server that holds the website's information. Web Developers can choose from a range of programming languages to build the backend.

Python and PHP are two of the more popular choices. Wordpress users will be familiar with PHP - experts believe Wordpress powers 27 percent of the internet. Python's popularity is reasonably recent but it has plenty of resources to help developers learn the language.

But in the Python vs PHP debate, which language should you ultimately choose for your site or app? Read on to learn more about them.

What is Python?

Python is a programming language first created in 1991. It uses lots of whitespace to make sure code is readable. Its simple syntax also makes the language easy to learn.

The language is named after Monty Python and powers a range of programs. Python is the framework behind Instagram but Intel also uses it to test microchips.

Python powers Youtube, Reddit, Google, and Dropbox, among many other big names.

What is PHP?

PHP stands for Personal Home Page although its modern uses go well beyond that. Created in 1994, it's a form of code you can drop into HTML to create dynamic websites.

It has the advantage of running on every platform (Linux, Windows etc.) so you don't need additional software to allow it to run.

Some see it as being unfit for larger applications because it doesn't work in a modular way. But Facebook and Netscape run on PHP code.

Python vs PHP

Python is more of a general-purpose language. It's easy to learn and many beginners start with Python thanks to its simplicity.

Python also features a lot of libraries so you can get your application up and running using this type of support.

But PHP was never designed to be general purpose and it works well for sophisticated applications. It takes longer to learn. And it doesn't have the same repository of library content as Python.

PHP 7 is almost 3 times faster than Python programs so if speed is your issue, PHP is the clear winner.

PHP applications like Wordpress offer additional security through third-party plugins. But Python boasts more security features within its code.

But There Are a Lot of Similarities

Both languages offer amazing community support across forums and discussion boards. So if you get stuck, someone will be able to help.

Python and PHP are both also open source so you won't have to pay to use them. And both of them offer great debugger packages.

Choose the Language Your Site Actually Needs

Choosing a language in the Python vs PHP battle depends on your level of experience and what you want your site to do.

If you want to create a content management system (CMS) like Wordpress, then PHP is your best choice. WooCommerce or Magento also use PHP.

While Python does offer a CMS framework powered by Django, PHP offers more options.

At August Infotech, we can create websites using PHP and Python. Contact us today for more information regarding website and app development.

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