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Picnic at Orsang Resort

January 10, 2015 | By August Infotech
Picnic at Orsang Resort

For years, picnics have proved to be effective not only in providing the much needed physical and mental break from organisational activities but also in bringing the employees together at a more personal level.

  • A company picnic changes your employees’ outlooks and, in some cases, it can change your own perspective on some of your work and responsibilities.
  • Picnics are famous for rejuvenating and motivating employees with a much needed break.  The casual, fun, exciting yet relaxed picnic atmosphere does good things for the soul.

We had a picnic in Jan 2015 at Orsang Resort, Gujarat, India and this picnic is given a slogan from our employees that “ Had a Time of a Life to Build Lifetime Memories”

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