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Cross-domain file upload
5Jun 2015
Cross-domain file uploadBy Sheetal Panchal

Good script for cross-domain image upload.It Supports cross-domain, chunked and resumable file uploads and client-side image resizing.Works with any s...

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Website Testing using Selenium Automation Tool
10Apr 2015
Website Testing using Selenium...By Jenish Gandhi

Selenium is an open source automation testing tool used to test Web based applications. It runs on most of the browsers and operating systems present ...

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HR Activity March 2015
28Mar 2015
HR Activity March 2015By August Infotech

Nobody likes the idea of going to work if there’s no room for fun. An all work, no healthy office environment doesn’t make it easy for employees t...

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Lunch at Sankalp
28Mar 2015
Lunch at SankalpBy August Infotech

Each party can be themed with specific foods, activities, and music. Encourage employees to get involved with the planning, and get everyone excited f...

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Birthday Celebration 2015
19Mar 2015
Birthday Celebration 2015By August Infotech

An employee birthday is a chance for one person to stand in the limelight and be recognized separately. For one day, it’s their day. Even if the wor...

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Launch Of Archtiko Theme
4Mar 2015
Launch Of Archtiko ThemeBy August Infotech

Celebration for the successful launch of the Archtiko Theme by Product Department. Archtiko is a responsive HTML+CSS3 template designed for businesse...

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