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What is Mobile App Security and Why Is It Important?

October 16, 2018 | By August Infotech
What is Mobile App Security and Why Is It Important?
Just earlier this year, the MyFitnessPal app fell victim to a huge data breach that affected 150 million user accounts. Thankfully, no credit cards, social security numbers, or other important personal information was stolen at the time.

But this hack represents a growing trend. Hackers are becoming smarter and are going after big and small businesses.

Whether you build apps yourself, use them, or considering having someone make one for you, understanding mobile app security is key. In this guide, we will tell you exactly what mobile app security is and how you can take advantage of it.

What is Mobile App Security?

Mobile app security describes the amount of protection an application on a mobile device has from malware, phishing, and other harmful hacker crimes. You may also hear the term refer to the technologies that decrease the risks mobile devices are exposed to through their apps.

And Why is it Important?

All of the components of a mobile app make them vulnerable to security breaches. For instance, they are considered to be extremely unsecure because they need you to be connected to the internet constantly.

In addition, people often try to install apps from sources that aren't trusted or reliable, which pretty much invites malware into not just the device, but the app itself. This can also have a negative impact on other apps on your phone.

Because identity theft and financial hacks are becoming more and more common, it's important to take extra security precautions to protect mobile apps and the people using them.

Mobile App Security Tips

The process of making your app secure from viruses and malware starts with the building process. Here are some tips you can implement to keep all of its data safe:

Include Security in Each Component of the App

While developing your mobile app, analyze each of its components individually and then set appropriate security measures in place for it. For example, program execution resources is a component that will require some kind of prevention or intrusion detective quality.

While, your database or storage, on the other hand, is going to need access controls that stop non-application components from reaching data elements.

Additionally, you will want to implement network access controls that prevent unfamiliar users from sending traffic to other parts of the app.

Make Installing and Configuring Security Elements Automated

This particular process is time-consuming and difficult, but it's important. Manual processes often fall short due to human execution errors and they may also be overlooked.

Switching to an automated process is worth its challenge because it is a vast improvement from the previous manual version. Also, automation helps make sure the correct measures are implemented at consistent and necessary rates.

Write Hack-Proof Code

Mobile apps need to be developed with sophisticated coding that doesn't include backdoors that hackers can break into. The apps also should only store, use, and transmit the bare minimum amount of data to keep it more secure.

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Instilling proper mobile app security practices protects users of mobile devices everywhere.

For additional information about technology, apps, and more, follow our site. We will keep you in the loop to ensure you're using these tools safely.

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