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Mobile App Personalization: How Artificial Intelligence Is in the Driver’s Seat

October 8, 2019 | By August Infotech
Mobile App Personalization: How Artificial Intelligence Is in the Driver’s Seat
If you think of the luxury that the rich and famous enjoy, there seems to be one common word: “personal.”

They have a personal chef, personal trainer, and even a personal shopper. Everything is designed for that specific individual. This guarantees that they have the best experience that money could buy.

Mobile app users also crave that level of personalization. 89% of U.S. marketers saw increased earnings due to personalized websites and apps development.

The technology that’s at the forefront of app personalization is artificial intelligence. AI is what allows users to have an in-depth and tailor-made mobile app experience.

But what exactly is AI and how does it improve the personalization of mobile apps? Keep reading to learn more about this amazing tech.

The Basics of AI

AI, broken down to ones and zeros, is a system or program that can mimic functions of human thinking. Some of the things that AI can do are reasoning, learning, and problem-solving.

To perform even the most simple task usually requires processing volumes of data. Once it recognizes certain patterns in the data, the AI can even make autonomous decisions.

This could be as simple as identifying if it's a dog or a cat from a picture. Or it could analyze different data points, such as the time of day, the weather, and your location to show you the best route to your destination.

Also, to answer the questions you might be thinking, yes, AI can be robots. And no, they’re not sent from the future to eradicate humankind.

App Personalization Is Beyond Customization

Customization is nice and all but personalization is a lot more than that. For example, let’s say that you’re going to a party. With customization, you can choose the clothes, shoes, and accessories that are appropriate for the event.

But with personalization, it’s like you’re rich-boy Bruce Wayne (Batman) who has Alfred. Alfred has already laid out your tux paired with a very expensive watch. He’ll also have your Bugatti ready to go with the batsuit in a secret compartment in case of emergency.

That’s the kind of personal touch that an app equipped with AI is capable of.

By analyzing your data and personal history, the AI knows your preferences and can make accurate predictions based on them. This will create a user experience that is unique and unmatched.

Merging Mobile Apps and AI

AI is already integrated into most mobile apps that you’re probably using right now. Alexa, Siri, and Google assistant are obvious examples.

Some apps have AIs that are less subtle. There are fitness apps such as Under Armour’s Record that monitor your nutrition, sleep, and physical activity. Based on the data, it will make recommendations akin to a personal trainer.

Your favorite shop app uses AI that analyzes your purchase history to make suggestions or alert you on sales that would interest you. There are also teaching apps that provide custom lessons based on your current progress and level.

Future Tech

Artificial intelligence is already a big part of mobile app personalization today. As technology continues to improve, the mobile user experience will also get better and better. If you’re developing a mobile app, don’t get left behind by neglecting AI.

Are you wondering why your mobile app has low retention rates? You might get some answers by reading why users lose interest in an on-demand mobile app.

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