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How IoT Is Used in the IT Industry?

February 26, 2019 | By August Infotech
How IoT Is Used in the IT Industry?
Worldwide spending on IoT tech is expected to hit $1.2 trillion by 2022 according to IDC.

More businesses are relying on IoT (Internet of Things) technology to improve productivity and boost sales.

Consumers are buying more IoT devices and companies are implementing new tech in the office.

So how does IT use IoT technology? Find out how IoT technology is reshaping IT and what the future holds.

How IoT Is Changing the Tech Game

The internet of things technology market is booming and common objects are being transformed into smart devices.

IoT is taking off and certain industries are benefiting the most. But companies in every field are investing in IoT development, hoping to improve productivity and connectivity.

The Impact on the IT Industry

IT professionals are seeing significant changes when it comes to technology-related decisions. For the first time, decision-making power is being shifted outside of the IT department.

Whether you freelance or you work in an office, these changes are going to impact you.

Departments Working Together

The IT team used to manage all or most of the tech decisions. Now, more departments are getting involved in decision making.

This may mean IT professionals have to work with a group of people rather than an individual. With more people using IoT devices, IT pros have to work with HR and legal teams to track usage and share IoT data and security concerns.

The Use of IoT Analytics

Analytics tools help boost a company's marketing power and drive sales by examining the data collected by IoT devices. The data extracted from these devices help businesses come up with useful information such as customer habits.

Businesses will turn to IT to interpret the data and come up with useful conclusions. Expect to work with departments like marketing and operations to share the data collected.

Expect to Learn More

IT pros now have to be knowledgeable about IoT technology. Become an expert in the field by learning as much as possible and staying in the know about new trends.

IoT is the future, so use it to understand customer needs, develop new marketing strategies, and optimize efficiency.

Security Concerns

No doubt the idea of more connectivity brings security concerns to mind. An IoT system is convenient, but IT professionals have to work harder to manage security.

The responsibility of security still falls on the shoulders of IT. But it doesn't have to be a daunting task.

Consider adding automation testing to search for errors and potential weak points. There are pros and cons to automation testing and manual testing, so learn which method works best in different scenarios.

Install SIEM (security information and event management) services for extra protection. These programs provide in-depth security alert analysis and monitoring.

New IoT Technology: Good or Bad News for IT?

Internet of things tech impacts both consumers and businesses across the world. With more companies investing in this new technology, is it good or bad news for IT professionals?

Although IoT tech brings changes to the company structure and involves different strategies, it's still good news for IT. This industry is booming, and both freelancers and IT employees benefit as long as they can adapt and be flexible.

In this technology-driven world, change is inevitable. Other employees now have a say in major decisions, but the increased efficiency and convenience make the future of IoT a positive one.

Looking for more ways to optimize your business? Check out our IT services page to see all that we have to offer.

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