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Happy Third Anniversary to Surat Bookworm Club: A Celebration of Reading, Sharing, Discovering and Giving

February 24, 2023 | August Infotech
Happy Third Anniversary to Surat Bookworm Club: A Celebration of Reading, Sharing, Discovering and Giving

"There is no friend as loyal as a book." - Ernest Hemingway.

This quote sums up the spirit of the Surat Bookworm Club, now the IT Bookworm Club, which celebrated its third anniversary. The brainchild of Jitesh Kapadia, CEO of August Infotech, IT Bookworm Club, is a community of like-minded individuals who share Jitesh’s passion for reading, sharing, discovering and giving. Since its inception, the IT Bookworm Club has grown and now boasts an average of fifty members in monthly meetups.

The Event

The third-anniversary celebration was a grand event that brought together not just the members of the IT Bookworm Club but also the volunteers, reviewers, and authors from Surat. The event also marked the launch of the Ahmedabad chapter of the IT Bookworm Club. The core volunteers from the Ahmedabad chapter were present during the event.

The club invited and facilitated the authors, including Yash Vagashiya, Yashwant Vyas, Gautam Surana, Nandini Kotak, Priti Bhargav, and Ashish Bhalani, all from the city of Surat. Authors shared their wisdom with the audience and elevated the whole event with their knowledge.

The event was followed by a networking cum dinner session, where the audience could interact with the core team, volunteers, authors and each other and ask questions.

The celebration was also an excellent opportunity for the attendees to meet and interact with other book club members and make new connections. The atmosphere was filled with positivity and enthusiasm; everyone present felt a sense of belonging to this community of readers.

Jitesh said, ‘he is grateful to coach Chetan Patel (ChetanPatel.World), who has supported this vision and is instrumental in getting the club up and running. To Mitul Golakiya (Infyom Technologies) for leading the volunteers and working tirelessly behind the scenes. To Ashish Narola (Narola Infotech), who has provided valuable input during this club's creation and continuously supports the club. To Alpesh Vagashiya for his untiring contribution to the club. To Punit Gajera, who has always been the go-to person to find the space for monthly events.

Jitesh said the event's grand success resulted from the volunteers' hard work. He is personally grateful to Bhautik Vagashiya (ChetanPatel.World), Jihan Desai (Desai Technology), Kalpesh Kotadiya (Kmphitech llp), Kishan Singhala (Aarvi Technology), Maulik Vora (Zluck Solutions), Mehul Akbari (Rain Infotech), Nikunj Balar (Megaminds Technologies), Ravi Dholakiya (Decodeup), and Romit Sachani (WebiBazaar) for their selfless contribution to the society through the medium of IT Bookworm Club.

The club is also thankful to all the 150+ attendees for their time and enthusiasm, and the sponsorers, Unity Builders and Laser Art; their investment in our cause is a testament to their commitment to education, literature, and culture.


The IT Bookworm Club has come a long way in the last three years, and it has achieved a lot in terms of promoting reading and learning in Surat. The impact of consistency has turned many non-readers into readers and reviewers; today, six IT companies in Surat run their own book clubs.

The IT Bookworm Club is more than just a book club; it is a community of readers and learners who share a common goal of reading, sharing, discovering knowledge and giving back to society through books. The club has become a platform for intellectual discussions and a source of inspiration for those who want to expand their horizons.

The third-anniversary celebration of the IT Bookworm Club was a memorable event, and it has set the stage for more exciting things to come. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for this dynamic community of readers and learners.



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