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Driving Sales: The Importance of Social Selling

January 29, 2019 | By August Infotech
Driving Sales: The Importance of Social Selling
Are you using your business social media accounts for driving sales? If not, then you could be missing a huge opportunity.

Sales reps who use social selling enjoy 45 percent more sales opportunities. And 78 percent of social sellers outsell their peers who aren't on social media.

Social media selling lets brands build loyalty with customers through regular and meaningful interactions. It offers a fantastic opportunity to hone customer profiles by getting to know existing customers.

But are you wondering how social selling helps drive sales? Read on to learn more.

What Is Social Selling?

Social media selling is an excellent way to leverage your existing social media presence. And it's a huge digital marketing trend this year.

Your channels offer unrivaled opportunities to interact with customers. Instead of relying on outbound promotion, you can focus on your existing customer base.

A range of actions counts as social selling. You might answer their questions about products or services.

Providing content is another method. Or you could interact with them on a regular basis to develop your relationship.

It also involves social listening. People often seek reviews, feedback or testimonials before they buy something. Nowadays, they might do so on social media.

Your sales team can monitor discussions that relate to your solution to identify leads. But you can also place relevant, high-quality content on those channels to help build your authority.

How Does It Work for Actually Driving Sales?

Social media as a selling tool works so well for driving sales because it relies on relationships with customers. Your brand can be more genuine and human to see better results by encouraging loyalty.

Those customers are more likely to recommend you to friends and colleagues. Think of them as your own army of influencers.

You also go where your customers already spend time, instead of interrupting them during the day (as with cold calling). And you learn much about what your customers actually want.

Provide What Customers Want is Key

Don't waste time developing products or services you think customers want. Monitor what customers say to work out what they actually need. Provide that and watch sales roll in.

Or analyze the content you provide to see what resonates. Produce more of the content your customers need or enjoy to boost engagement.

Social selling involves giving more value to customers before you earn sales.


Enjoy Better Retention

Social media selling also cuts down on the time you normally spend generating leads. Cultivating relationships with customers builds loyalty. That leads to repeat business or referrals.

Sales rep using social selling even report a 55 percent customer renewal rate. It's easier to keep existing customers than it is to find new ones.

Final Thoughts

Using your existing social media channels is a great option for driving sales in 2019. With plenty of tools at your disposal, you'll be building relationships and listening to customers in no time.

You'll also give customers what they want. Meeting their needs is a great way to build loyalty and earn repeat business. It also helps you cut through the clutter online to build genuine relationships.

Do you want to add social selling to your strategy in 2019? Get in touch and find out how we can help add social media integrations to your website.

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