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Be The Change

September 21, 2016 | By August Infotech
Be The Change

“Be the change you want to see in the world” - Mahatma Gandhi

Give a second thought to this phrase with a different point of reference this time now. Replace the word “world” by company, organization, Office basically anything that make sense for you in a professional environment. Does that make sense now? If not then you are that particular individual who don't get motivated so easily.

Trying harder on the same thought, ask to yourself questions like - Are you happy working in your professional environment? Do you want to change anything in your company? Where do you want to see the company where you work in next 5 years so that it adds to your resume? Do you want to be the person who motivates the crowd and give a spark of hope or do you just want to be the crowd? Even if any one question from the above list bothers you then congratulations! Because you are the one who possibly can move mountains based on willingness to do so. If not then don’t bother as things will always be same for you.

Remember your favourite movie and ask yourself which character you want to be in that movie for real, even if you want to be the Villain, what is your purpose of choosing so. Let me tell you this, Villains are the most self motivated person in any movie, reason behind it is they never give up on the thought. If something is bothering a Villain, he will not sit ideally, he will think, plan and execute and work on the method of execution and modification required if some plan don’t work out but he never gives up. Same is with the Heroes, don’t you think? The only difference between Hero or Villain or any supporting role is that in the end, one of them gets what he wants on his terms. The reason why other don’t is because of the way they deal with unexpected obstacles. 90% of people wish to rewind the life and start again. Why? Because they want to execute their life plan in different way to make their present look better than it is right now.

The whole point behind all this is why we think of rewinding our life and want to change what happened in past. Past is past, its gone, all you can do is remember it and make a funny thought out of it to laugh in present about the silly mistakes and the dumb decisions. Why don’t we just start thinking of the present we are working on and make the future better so in future we won’t think to change the past. Think of what’s bothering you, think about what are you going to do about it, make an execution plan and just start executing. Even if there are errors in your execution plan be satisfied that at least you tried and not just once, you tried until you get it done. And let me tell you, “a perfect execution plan is a myth”. There are going to be unexpected hurdles for which you have not planned for, but then remember the Villain or the Hero again, remember how they modify the plan and just go with it.

Instead of accepting that nothing is going to change, fight to be the change. Remember “No battle can be fought without a leader” and “No battle is easy enough to win”. Giving an example for the same, think of one name from “Apple”, one name from “Infosys”, one name from “Facebook”, one name from “Reliance” and one name from “Linkedin”, 90% of you will immediately come up with these names respectively - Steve Jobs, Narayan Murthi, Mark Zuckerberg, Dhirubhai Ambani/Mukesh Ambani and Jeff Weiner. All these names were not different, they did something different, they took an initiative to change and turned it into opportunity. It’s your choice what you want to be. It’s your life and you decide what you want to do with it so choose wisely.

Finishing onto the note - “Be the change you want to see in your Company

Priyanka Desai, Sr. Executive - Projects
August Infotech

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