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Augmented Reality: The Future of Mobile Apps?

August 28, 2018 | By August Infotech
Augmented Reality: The Future of Mobile Apps?
With new technologies popping up in the mobile development industry, developers can manipulate reality itself - or at least how people see it through their phones.

Virtual and augmented reality has spread quickly thanks to new hardware such as the Oculus Rift, and software like Snapchat.

But augmented reality applications have more potential than funny filters on social media. Doctors are using augmented reality to improve their patients' treatments, architects are using it to design better buildings, and teachers are bringing augmented reality into the classroom to refine their students' education.

And it does not stop there. After Google and Apple released frameworks for app developers so they could integrate augmented reality (AR) into their apps, they helped brighten the future of AR even more.

With so much potential in AR, here are a few ways to AR can be used in the future.

A Less-than-Virtual Video Game

Although virtual reality games have taken the industry by storm after so many virtual reality platforms were released, augmented reality games have not seen as much growth.

Pokemon Go is the go-to game to illustrate AR's potential in mobile gaming, but users were not required to use AR.

However, popular platforms like Unity are allowing game makers to introduce AR elements to their games.

And now that phones have taken steps to integrate AR into their platforms, it is time to start experimenting with how AR technology can impact mobile gaming.

Whether it is an AR horror game, or an AR strategy game, or even an AR social-network simulation game - the next big game will probably have AR in it.

Augmented Reality Applications in School

Developers are always looking for ways to improve the world, and the best way to do that is to help the next generation.

An impactful way to introduce AR in schools would be to tailor the best-augmented reality apps around students' curriculum.

Students learning Spanish would benefit from an app that translates written Spanish words into English, and vice-versa. Special education students could also use AR apps to explore plants or Egyptian tombs, all within the classroom.

AR apps could even bring historical figures back to life - imagine if you learned history from George Washington or Thomas Jefferson themselves!

Our education does not stop when we are kids, though. People learning trades like automotive repair would benefit from an app that displays general vehicle and repair information around different areas of the car and lets them edit it too.

Now is the Perfect Time to Build AR Apps

Google released its ARCore in May 2018, and since then it has worked with other companies to include it with other phones. Apple also has an ARKit for its iPhones.

That means the AR user base that will only grow. Now is the perfect time to experiment with augmented reality applications.

And this article does not scratch the surface of AR's potential. From dancing hotdogs to catching Pokemon and drawing simple lines in the world around you, the amount of augmented reality applications is growing every day, and your next app idea could be one of them.

If you're unfamiliar with Augmented Reality Application, contact us for help building it!

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Augmented Reality: The Future of Mobile Apps? | AI Blog
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