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5 UX Web Design Points to Create a Great Website

November 27, 2018 | By August Infotech
5 UX Web Design Points to Create a Great Website
No one wants to visit a bad website. But what is a bad website?

Today, web design experts claim a website should have great UX or user experience. If your website works against a customer's needs, then your website visitors will immediately leave your website.

So now that you know your website needs great UX quality, how do you achieve it? Unless you're a web designer, you don't know every vital UX detail required for a website.

There are obvious elements, such as fast-loading time. But there are also details you'll never think about. Here are 5 UX web design points.

1. Responsive Design

Are you only focusing on desktop web design? That is a huge mistake.

The majority of your website visitors will access your website on their phones. You need to ensure your website looks and functions well on a cell phone, but also on a desktop and even a tablet.

This is where responsive web design comes in. This type of web design uses specific web design elements that work for all devices.

2. Use White Space

White space, also called negative space, is your friend. White space is any area without content and media. White space helps to add emphasis to your content and media.

This encourages your visitors to look at the important areas on your website but also removes any clutter. White space helps your visitors read and view your website easier.

3. Fast-Loading Time

Your website visitors want instant gratification. They don't want to wait on a slow website. If they have to wait more than two seconds, they will click out of the page (we're not joking).

This means your company will lose money, and you may potentially give more business to a competitor.

The faster your website loads, the more successful your website will be.

4. Keep Their Attention With Content

Users are attracted to content. But it's the type of content that matters. Some users prefer watching videos while others prefer reading a blog. To keep their attention, don't use fancy colors and graphics.

Incorporate content creation in your digital marketing campaign.

5. Avoid Pop-Ups

Pop-ups are tempting. If you need email leads, you may hear to include pop-ups enticing visitors to supply their email address. What if you run a blog? You may think pop-up ads are a great way to generate revenue.

But in reality, pop-ups are the first ticket to make visitors run away. Pop-ups are intrusive, annoying, and can even slow down your website. For any lead generating and ad campaigns, put these aspects on the sidebars or headers.

Time to Incorporate UX Web Design In Your Site

Your website visitors don't want to visit your website and be bombarded by flashing colors and graphics. They want UX web design. Web design isn't as much about aesthetics as it is about usability.

Utilize content, white space, and a responsive design. Always avoid pop-ups and ensure your website loads fast.

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