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The 5 Android Mobile Application Development Trends That Will Dominate in 2019

September 18, 2018 | By August Infotech
The 5 Android Mobile Application Development Trends That Will Dominate in 2019
Today, technology is evolving faster than ever before. App developers who don't keep up with these advancements will fade away into obscurity.

Have you lost track of current app trends? Not to worry, we've done the homework for you.

We have the top 5 mobile application development trends for 2019 listed below. Check them out and you'll be caught up in about 6 minutes.

1. Artificial Intelligence

As of 2017, machine learning (ML) is the third fastest-growing category of patents obtained. 61% of businesses name ML and AI as their number one data initiative for 2019. This increased interest in AI is expected to grow, meaning we'll see a lot more of it in future apps.

Advancement of AI technology also continues to grow. Current AI can correctly process very complex user commands, as seen in the Android AI Assistant.

The AI Assistant competently solves user problems and can even communicate back to the user. And it does so by recording and analyzing user analytics.

This analytics also make the AI Assistant an unparalleled tool for understanding user behavior. Someday soon, this technology could report app issues and solve them automatically before customers even have a chance to complain about it.

This technology raises the bar of expected user experience (UX). Apps that don't incorporate AI will take a backseat to those that do.

2. In-App Search Feature

Another upgrade to the standard of UX is the in-app search, as seen in the Google Search app for Android.

Apps such as YouTube and Spotify have integrated this feature as well. Such an easy way to search in-app content will now be expected by users.

3. Cloud Technology

Cloud storage is rapidly becoming the new media standard. As such, there has been a huge increase in cloud-based apps. This trend is expected to continue.

But cloud storage isn't limited to media anymore. More and more apps are making use of cloud computing in order to take up less space on mobile devices.

Most notable among these are Android's Instant Apps. The Instant Apps are only partially downloaded to the mobile device. Most of the app features are stored and operated directly from the cloud.

This way, the apps require very little storage space on the device. Therefore, these apps will be the last to go when users delete apps to free up space. Apps that don't incorporate this feature will be deleted first.

4. Beyond the Screen Apps

Apps are now breaking the fourth wall and going beyond the screen. Among these are augmented reality and virtual reality apps.

These technologies have already revolutionized the world of gaming and were even incorporated into this year's Winter Olympics broadcast. And the explosion of VR and AR applications we've seen have barely scratched the surface of what these technologies can do. Before too long, it could be the new media standard.

And one thing that already is the new standard is the Internet of Things (IoT), namely connectible smart devices. More and more of our everyday devices are evolving into smart devices that connect with all our other devices.

New homes are being built as smart homes that are designed and equipped specifically for connectivity. Shoes connect to your music players via Bluetooth.

We're also inventing new smart devices such as unique fitness and sports apps. Such apps record analytics of our physical behavior, like walking or sleep patterns, to optimize our health and our game.

5. Mobile Devices as a Form of Payment

Over $700 billion was paid via mobile devices in 2017. Judging by this trend, mobile devices as a payment form may soon rival credit cards. Wallets may become obsolete.

This may be a contributor to the rise of Blockchain. Blockchain is an incontestable, electronic record of financial transactions. It also records pretty much any other important analytics you could hope to track.

The combined increase of both of these technologies has already changed the landscape of financial transaction. It may very soon revolutionize it.

2019 Mobile Application Development Trends

If you develop apps, don't fall behind. Incorporate these mobile application development trends when designing your next app to stay ahead of the game.

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