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3 Website Design Mistakes that drives customers away

July 27, 2016 | By August Infotech
3 Website Design Mistakes that drives customers away
Have you designed a website with all the latest trends of designing included, great page speed and still wondering why customers left your website within few seconds? What are the reason for increase bounce rate?

Then may be your website fall under one one or more of the website design flaws that are the only reason to drive the customers away! When you are designing a website for your business, keep a mindset of what the end user or the client will want to see in your website? Are you providing enough reasons to him to stay on your website? Mistakes are easily fixable once you recognize them and here we are, helping you throw some light on the three most basic website design flaws that you need to work on.

1. Lack Of Information

Lack Of Information

People go to your website to get more information about your business and stay when you give them interesting content. Most of the business owners do not give enough information about their business which causes harm to their website business.

Your website homepage should tell following things to your visitors:
  • Who are you?
  • What benefit do you offer?
  • Who is your customer?

The business location is important in the footer of every page and also a contact form to communicate with the business organization directly. A website should also includes news section, testimonials, gallery, and list of services and prices.

2. Lack Of Quality Of Being Consistent

Lack Of Quality Of Being Consistent

The website layout refers to the basic structure of the website – It determines where the contents, images, navigation and other elements are placed. If these elements are in the same place on every pages it means visitors spend less time to use your website and more time engaging with your website contents. Don’t fall into the trap of giving yourself leeway to experiment on design to your content. It makes your visitors confused and turned-off. Always choose consistency and cohesiveness to drive your message across. Your customers will appreciate it.

Are you following the below points to make your website consistent?
  • Does your website use the same fonts & colors throughout the website?
  • Is website titles(headings) consistent throughout the site?
  • Does Links have same color throughout the website?
  • Does Input elements look the same throughout the website?

3. Missing Information And Elements

Missing Information And Elements

Followings website elements are the core of any website and you should never neglect them.

1. About Us
Creating trust is most important factor and that can be achieved by providing information about you, your team and your business. Spend time in developing your company story and share it with the visitors in detail; histories and even related personal stories of each key team member to show you care about the your employees.

Another important element is to publish your client list and testimonials. Nothing speaks to your value more than a list of happy clients.

2. Contact Information
These days, visitors want to know that the website belongs to a real business with a authenticated location which should contain address, phone number and email address.

Make it easy to find, with all your social media links, in the footer of each page. If you create a separate contact us page, make it easy for visitors to find.


These are some of the many considerations to make when designing a site that doesn’t drive your visitors away. This is why it is important to do homework before creating a site. Think like a customer and what is important to show in the website. Keep a regular check of what is working and what is not in the website.

Priyank Shah, Designer August Infotech

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