Month: July 2018

How can Business Automation be Achieved by ERP System?

How to Automate Business Processes with an ERP System Nothing can help a business grow faster -- or feel more daunting -- than finding the technology to automate business processes. So what's the best solution for automation? Fo...

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Technical Sales: Why It Works In The Information Technology Field

Worldwide Information Technology hardware spending this year is estimated to reach more than a trillion dollars. And in 2017, spending on enterprise software was more than $350 billion globally. If you're selling tech in Informat...

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Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence – The Major Roleplaying In Winning Business

2018 looks set to be the year of AI. The number of active AI startups has increased 14x since 2000. But you might be asking how does artificial intelligence work? In short, Netflix recommendations and Alexa's skills are examples ...

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