Month: November 2015

8 Things to Do to Promote Your Latest Post

Do you want to promote your blog, so to get your posts read and shared?In this article, we will analyze the strategies to take in order to properly market your content and get more traffic.Make sure you follow the steps in this li...

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This is the Product Death Cycle. Why it happens and how to break out of it.

The hardest part of any new product launch is the beginning, when it’s not quite working and you’re iterating and molding the experience to fix it. It may be the hardest phase, but it’s also the most fun. The Product Death ...

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Adding six social media posts to your WordPress blog

You’ve understood the importance of creating unique posts and sharing them on social sites frequented by your readers. Does the process end there? Is there anything else you can do to make your magazine issue more attractive ...

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How to create issue based magazine in five simple steps using WordPress core features

Are your readers confused by a vast volume of online information? Are you losing your focus group by not showcasing curated content? How about a system that makes right material available to the reade...

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